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Transformation of pedestrian crossings in the Principality

Particularly attentive Monaco habitants have noticed that vertical white stripes are now attached to thoroughfares, particularly in the Monte Carlo area. The reason for this is to support the blind and visually impaired. Thanks to this modification, the pedestrian crossing is a simple strip, sealed onto the road, but it greatly improves the comfort and safety of the visually impaired and blind.

Principality’s Assistance in combating discrimination against the visually impaired 

The Principality’s Department of Urban Transport has already begun to equip pedestrian crossings in Monaco. The main task now is to provide all pedestrian crossings with guides for the blind and visually impaired at the request of the Health Action Directorate (DASA), Social Integration and Anti-Discrimination Division.

White stripes added perpendicularly to the pedestrian crossings will form a ground rail that guides the cane used by visually impaired persons.

Risk for other road users?

The most important question is: Is there even a minimum risk to other pedestrians? No, this structure is absolutely safe for all inhabitants of the Principality. The texture of the ground lane is not particularly dangerous and is designed not  to cause any harm to other pedestrians or road users, including those travelling on two-wheeled vehicles.

According to the Government of Monaco, many of the passageways are already equipped with guide strips – priority being given to the most crowded places – but in the long run almost all of them will be equipped with these stripes.

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