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Turning Swords into Plowshares: Monaco’s Call for Firearms Surrender

In a bid to cleanse the Principality of illegal firearms, Monaco beckons its residents to part ways with their unlicensed weapons. Often stored without particular caution, sometimes even forgotten, these weapons pose a risk for domestic accidents, especially to children, or can be stolen during a burglary and fuel criminal networks.

From rifles stowed away in attics to pistols passed down through generations, Monégasques have until April 5th to bid adieu to their illicit arms. The call to action is simple: a mere dial (93 15 31 26 or 93 15 31 38) or an electronic ping ( to alert the Public Safety Department suffices. The Public Safety Department is mainly targeting those firearms tucked away in inheritances, the ones leaving folks scratching their heads what to do about them.

The response has been swift since the operation’s kick-off on March 25th. Over twenty five individuals are reported as stepping forward within the first two days, handing over a medley of pistols and rifles along with a cache of ammunition.

These are mostly hunting rifles or air guns—nothing to set off alarms, reportedly ….no military-grade weaponry or explosive surprises.

Appointments at Home

To ensure a seamless transition, appointments are arranged for home pickups, assuaging any fears of firearms being paraded through the streets. While Monégasques and foreign residents are welcome to participate, neighbouring French residents are directed to their local law enforcement.

Participation is not only free but also absolves holders of any legal repercussions—a relief, considering Monaco’s stringent laws on firearm possession. The surrender operation serves as a swift remedy to rid the streets of illicit firearms. However, those missing the deadline need not fret; opportunities for surrender or legalization will remain available throughout the year, albeit with a tad more bureaucratic hoop-jumping.

Post-April 5th, individuals must visit the police station to initiate proceedings, with their surrender duly recorded.

The Principality is determined to have a safe, weapon-free community—a small step in continuing towards a brighter, safer tomorrow.

Similar initiatives have been undertaken by other countries, for example by France in 2022 where the number of illegally held firearms was estimated at two million.

Between November 25th and December 2nd, 2022, the operation was reported to have led to the recovery of about 150,000 firearms nationwide, including thousands in the PACA region.

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