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Two lucky supporters in AS Monaco official photo

Two happy supporters had the ultimate privilege of posing with the full team of AS Monaco players this Wednesday afternoon at Place du Palais in the Principality. It’s not every day that dreams come true, but surely they have for these two people!

Angelo and Yohann expereinced a beautiful afternoon on Wednesday, by having the chance to live out a dream moment that they will surely remember fondly for years to come. Plus they will have the proof of their encounter, photographic evidence that will provide a reason to brag to friends and family. The two winners of the competition “I am in the official picture” posed with the full group of AS Monaco players.

This year, the official photo was taken on the Place du Palais on Le Rocher … a place full of rich and important history for the titled champions of France.

AS Monaco

As part of the contest, more than 250 pictures were sent by hopeful fans and received by the members of Esprit Monaco. Esprit Monaco had to select carefully and choose the most deserving, funny, and creative fan pics. Angelo and Yohann have won and they will be on the official photo 2017-2018, surely a fantastic moment for the two winners and reason to celebrate.

You can see the two photographs of the winners as published on the official AS Monaco site, as well as even more photos of the day they took the photograph, by following this link: You can see the excitement in the air and surely a great moment for the two fortunate winners.

You can keep checking the club’s media sites, as a full report of this singular day will soon be appearing on the various social media outlets of the club. The happy supporters of AS Monaco will surely be checking it out too.

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