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Unique Salute to Palace Guards: tribute to 200 years celebrated in postcards

The 200th anniversary of the Palace Guards is already making waves across the Channel. Every time a British Royal writes to the Prince’s family a note of appreciation will wing its way back from the Palace in Monaco to Buckingham Palace or some other Royal residence in the UK.

HelloMonaco has it on good evidence that the postmark that celebrates the Palace Guards’ anniversary has struck a chord within the English aristocracy. The postmark reads: “Carabiniers du Prince – Bicentenaire 1817-2017” which refers to “Palace Guards – Bicentennial 1817-2017”. The Carabiniers are, of course, the famous military division in Monaco that protects the Sovereign and the Prince’s Palace. Called fondly “The Palace Guards” by locals they celebrate their 200th Anniversary this year, on December 8th – an anniversary that spans the reigns of the Princes from Charles II to Albert II. This postmark coincides with the debut of the Palace Guards’ celebration of their bicentennial year on 20 January, Saint Sebastian’s Day, the day of their patron saint. The Stamp is the classic overseas stamp of our sovereign. It was originally published in 2006 and is still in print. We can imagine that inside the envelope there might even be an ornate souvenir postcard – one featuring the Palace Guards themselves perhaps.

Palace Guards - Bicentennial postcard

These beautiful souvenir postcards are kept in high profile for posterity thanks to the passionate endeavours of the Association des Cartophiles de Monaco whose President, Patrick Occelli, will wax enthusiastically and amusingly to you about the “banal little postcards” they so lovingly help display but behind that serene smile lies a passion and energy devoted to preserving a pictorial history of Monaco in this unique and wonderful way.

Palace Guards - Bicentennial postcard
@Palais Princier de Monaco

And to honour the Palace Guards, as this special year 2017 comes to a close, the Association des Cartophiles de Monaco have produced a specially bound 76 page bulletin in the form of a booklet in partnership with Sylvie Ruau, member of the association and inventory manager of the photographic collection in the Prince’s Palace, and with the cooperation of the Musee des Princes and their Guards and also with the cooperation of the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince.

Palace Guards - Bicentennial postcard

This is a beautiful book of memoirs whose date of publication of 20th of November coincides with the decree relating to the creation of the Corps des Carabiniers and also honours their elders of yesteryear. In the preface, recognition is given to the Marechal des Logis-chef, Bruno Vogelsinger, head of the Museum of Princes and their Guards. A copy will be given to each one of the current 121 serving guards.

Palace Guards - Bicentennial postcard

Prince Albert II, himself has left his imprint in this special edition of the Bulletin des Carabiniers, and is reported thanking the cartophiles of Monaco for shedding light on the “guards” of his family and his palace, who have served the Princes through the happy and sad hours of the dynasty.

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