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Watch out Elton John here comes Leclerc to knock you off the charts

“Music to my ears”! 

Nothing astonishing about hearing about Charles Leclerc talked about in those terms. That’s exactly the English expression that’s used metaphorically to describe seeing something extraordinary. 

In 1838, James Fenimore Cooper, famous author of is the novel “The Last of the Mohicans” used this phrase: “The earnestness and passion with which the young man uttered his feelings, made music to her ears …”

Since then it has become a metaphor… one that is perfect to describe watching Charles’ winning ways at the steering wheel in Formula 1. 

It comes more of a surprise to find the expression used literally about Charles. 

Brother Arthur, competing this year in Formula 2 with the Dams team, it turns out is quite a talented musician. This must have resonated with Charles who often used to listen to Arthur play the piano. Every cloud has a silver lining so when Covid forced Leclerc to be confined, he too tried his hand at the piano. 

It must be some latent talent in him that was awakened, because it turns out that he is quite good at it. Not as good as his driving but good enough to turn heads … especially those of his fans. 

And there is an extra benefit, making music is a relaxing pastime in contrast to propelling oneself at blistering speeds around the Grand Prix tracks with Max Verstappen on your tail or vice versa. 

Calmness and serenity compared to the vice-like focus and adrenaline-pumping pursuit of being first over the line at the checkered flag. 

Explaining this passion for music to his fans in a short video-clip: he croons: 

“You know I love the piano and obviously I saw all the feedback on the last track I put in story. I now have all the equipment to record my music. I’m a racing driver at the start and I certainly don’t define myself as an artist but I love what I do, just like you seem to have loved it. I thought it was easier for you to be able to listen to this music again. »

What he is referring to is a 4 minute composition of his called mysteriously AUS23 (1:1). We don’t know why that title. Could it be something to do with the violin that accompanies his piano playing? 

And how about the recording studio? What a surprise to find Charles now has a recording studio of sorts in his Monegasque apartment! 

His music is good enough to be launched on various streaming platforms.

Leclerc enthuses about the benefits of piano playing on the program En Aparté, on Canal+.

Believe it or not the Monegasque’s music has made it into the top ten worldwide music charts. Leclerc, who likes to listen to Hans Zimmer and Coldplay could not have predicted this overwhelmingly incredible response to AUS23 which is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Don’t be surprised in future when, every time Leclerc sits down for an interview on racing, music is also discussed.

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