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Wearing a mask is now compulsory in public spaces in Monaco in many outside areas

Since May 4, the first day of deconfinement in the Principality of Monaco, it is important to remember that wearing a mask continues to be compulsory in closed spaces welcoming the public.

This decision has so far made it possible to control the circulation of the virus in the Principality. The last positive cases revealed in Monaco were, for the most part, people who were infected outside its territory.

It is very noticeable that elsewhere in Europe, including in our neighbours France and Italy, the virus is making a resurgence during this holiday season as people relax their vigilance and mingle. Masks and social distancing are in the back of many people’s minds. 

To ensure the pandemic does not take hold again it is vital that wearing of masks and social distancing be in the forefront of our awareness and recently France has made it obligatory to wear masks outside in many cities.

This is the case, for example, in Nice and Menton. And in Paris the rule for now applies to densely crowded city zones. That means at many major tourist spots from the Seine riverbanks to Montmartre and the historic Marais, masks will be a must outdoors.

Faithful to its pragmatic and progressive approach in the management of the health crisis, the Princely Government also has strengthened the protocol for wearing a mask while counting on the responsible behavior of residents and visitors to Monaco.

Where Outside are Masks Compulsory in Monaco

In concrete terms, wearing a mask is now compulsory on Place du Palais, in the alleys of Monaco-Ville, on Place du Casino and on the esplanade of the Fontvieille shopping center. As these places are heavily frequented in this summer season and health distancing cannot be ensured, additional vigilance should be taken to ensure the health safety of all people who go there.

This measure is in effect immediately from Wednesday August 12, 2020.

Please note the most recent Government Press Release emphasizes a mask is also highly recommended in all outdoor areas other than those mentioned.

When you wear your mask you protect others and they protect you by wearing theirs. Some recent studies also indicate that your mask also protects you as well as others.

Prince Albert’s deliberations leading to this latest strengthening of health safety measures have been reported in the press, namely that in certain pedestrian areas, certain open-air spaces where there is a high population density, we will have to wear masks. Already during the changing of the guard at the Palace those who attended have 

been seen wearing masks. It is reported that Prince Albert notices that people see that the riflemen wear it and that the changing of the guard has been changed to establish physical distancing and that this may encourage them to wear masks spontaneously.

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