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What’s on the Agenda during the Philosophical Meetings of Monaco 2024?

Esteemed personalities in the field of philosophy will be participating in the PhiloMonaco Week 2024, taking place from Tuesday 11 June to Sunday 16 June at the Princess Grace Theatre. Conversations, presentations of works, dialogues and round tables devoted to themes like ecology, education, care, women and the art of living are all on the agenda. The meetings are free and open to all.

“The Monaco Philosophical Meetings have given themselves the task of creating a community where the words and thoughts of philosophers circulate freely among all, and shed light, if only in a small way, on the problems that the present time makes increasingly complex,” states the Princess Grace Theatre website.

“Ecology” with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Every day, between five to seven events will be held under one theme. Things will kick off on 11 June with five events about Ecology, all held in association with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Le Grand Continent.

Every day of PhiloMonaco Week will commence with a “Morning at the Condamine Market” about that day’s theme. Hosted each morning from 9:00 am until 10:00 am by journalist Sandrine Negre, the Mornings will give rise to meetings, conversations and exchanges around questions from the public with several personalities participating in PhiloMonaco Week.

Awards Evening

The Monaco Philosophical Meetings Prize, awarded by members of the Jury, will take place on Thursday 13 June. The award will honour a work of philosophy published in French during the past year. According to PhiloMonaco, the recipient’s work will have “through its rigour, relevance, originality, opened new avenues to today’s thinking.”

Each year, the jury also awards an Honorary Mention to a French-language publisher or editorial collection which has particularly distinguished itself in the publication of important philosophical works. The High School Prize honours two philosophy texts written by two Monegasque high school students on two questions proposed by Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco.

“When you are young, you should not hesitate to devote yourself to philosophy, and when you are old, you should never tire of pursuing its study. For no one can maintain that he is too young or too old to acquire health of soul,” states Letter to Menoeceus by Epicurus.

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