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Who Can Attend the Monaco Grand Prix and E-Prix

The Historic Monaco Grand Prix is credited as having been the first major success holding event with thousands of spectators during this unique Covid era. 

Monaco Grand Prix 

For the Monaco Grand Prix itself, which will take place from May 20th to 23rd there is an interesting quite important major tweak to the health & safety blueprint. 

Spectators will also be drawn from the extensive fan community outside the Principality – no matter their country of origin. But everyone of them will have to show evidence of a recent PCR test with negative results. 

The social distancing safety gauge will have a small tweak allowing for about 40% of the usual capacity of the stands to be filled. 

So, on Thursday 20th , Saturday 22th and Sunday 23rd the seated stands will be open (regular publicized pricing applies) with the spacing allowing around 40% of its usual capacity, i.e. 7,500 spectators each day.

Free Friday

On Friday May 21st, only the K and T stands will be open with their capacity limited to 3,000 spectators with no restriction as to their origin. Access to the stands will be free that day.

PCR Tests 

The spouses of employees of Monaco, nationals of the Alpes-Maritimes and Var and all people coming from outside must present a PCR test of less than 72 hours to access the stands. Only Monegasques, residents, employees, schools and students of the Principality will be able to access their places without providing proof of a PCR test.

E-Prix Health & Safety 

The same blueprint in terms of stringent health safety and controls is being seen to be adopted in large part for the E-Prix on May 8th. 

The E-Prix spectators will be drawn mainly from the Monaco-based broader community – that is only residents, employees and people staying in a hotel in Monaco will be able to attend the race, just as was the case during the Historic Grand Prix.

And the same safety gauge is being used to space out spectators in the stands. Thus the race will be open to the public to watch live with up to 6,500 people in the stands. That is a third of the usual capacity in order to create a healthy distance between spectators. 

Access to the balconies will also be “gauged” creating a distance of one person per linear meter. The same goes for boats, there being a cap of 12 people on each ship. One additional health measure: the sale and consumption of alcohol will be prohibited on public roads.

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