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Who in Monaco is the Latest to Fast-Track to 2 Michelin Stars?

The culinary world is ablaze with excitement as Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac, a relatively new restaurant experience on the gastronomic scene, emerges triumphant with two Michelin stars just nine months after its grand opening.

This achievement marks a remarkable journey for Chef Christophe Cussac and his dedicated team, who have tirelessly crafted an extraordinary dining experience since July last year. It’s a tale of revival, as they breathe new life into the gastronomic restaurant of the Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo, under the stewardship of a chef with over 40 years of culinary prowess.

Chef Cussac’s illustrious career, shaped by luminaries such as Jamin-Robuchon and Troisgros, has culminated in this moment of glory. With Les Ambassadeurs, he endeavours to capture the essence of gastronomy—a harmonious blend of precision, tranquillity, and the graceful choreography of a kitchen brigade. Designed by the renowned Jacques Garcia, the restaurant exudes warmth and charm, offering guests a journey through simple yet refined Mediterranean cuisine, elevated by a profound respect for French terroir.

This achievement is not only a testament to Chef Cussac’s dedication but also a nod to the culinary heritage of the 1920s Les Ambassadeurs restaurant.

Christophe Cussac
Christophe Cussac © Cook and Shoot by Aline GERARD

Sustainable Gourmet Cuisine

Chef Cussac’s vision extends beyond exquisite flavours; sustainability lies at the heart of his culinary philosophy. Embracing initiatives such as the “Green Attitude” environmental policy and the “Less Saves the Planet” movement, he champions responsible sourcing and mindful consumption, ensuring a harmonious balance between the ultimate in gourmet dining and environmental stewardship.

With an open kitchen that invites guests to witness the culinary magic firsthand, Les Ambassadeurs promises an unforgettable dining experience—an exquisite symphony of flavours, service, and ambiance orchestrated by Chef Christophe Cussac and his talented team.

Christophe Cussac’s career places him among the greats of his time: he experienced the Jamin-Robuchon era (1981), then Troisgros in Roanne, before managing the family-owned Relais et Châteaux, l’Abbaye Saint-Michel in Tonnerre, Burgundy (two stars), la Réserve de Beaulieu (two stars), and finally the Hôtel Métropole Monte Carlo (since 2004), alongside Joël Robuchon, always earning two stars.

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