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Why Sports Lovers Love Monaco

In 2021 we did a post about the top 4 sporting events in Monaco and it was a general page with information on the top sports events to know about, this page is still very informative but since this time a lot has changed and now we are in June and the lead up to the Euros, it feels like all the attention is going straight onto that and as much as a lot of my attention will be too, I think that Monaco in the summer is a hotspot and needs to be taken advantage of while Germany is so busy with the Euros. So, if you are a sports lover like me, you will need a notepad and pen for this as I will talk about the perfect summer of sport in Monaco.

Horse Racing – Monaco Longines Global 

I think starting with my favorite sport is the most authentic thing that I can do because I will have genuine passion for the words I am saying and luckily for me, Monaco happens to have one of the best horse races in the world in the Monaco Longines Global Champions Tour Course. The reason why the race is considered so difficult is because of the sheer amount of jumps over a very short and narrow area with a load of turns which guarantees a very good race and always makes the horse racing odds even harder to predict because of the challenges of the race for the riders and the horse.

Monaco Grand Prix

The best Grand Prix event in the world happens to be hosted in the beautiful city of Monaco. Every racer in the world dreams of winning the Monaco Grand Prix and to be honest even if I dream about winning it I’m not even a racer. It is actually fairly similar to the previous thing we mentioned with the horse race as it is known for having tight and dangerous turns, so there must be something in the air that makes the races in Monaco tight-turning and dangerous. Another thing that is massive for the Grand Prix is the parties that come with it. We obviously have the race but the three-day competition is filled with parties that bolster some world-famous celebrities, the F1 drivers and even some of their fans.

Ligue 1 Football

One of the best things about Monaco is the football that we offer and it happens to be one of the highest levels in the world. Not only is Ligue 1 football one of the highest-level leagues in the world, but Monaco also offers Champions League football which is the highest football tournament at club level and is always a massive privilege to watch if you get the chance. One thing about football is the fact that it is not always on. So if you intend to go to watch football and the Grand Prix it wouldn’t work.

So Why Do Sports Lovers Love Monaco?

What it boils down to here is the sports that bring people in and we happen to bolster some of the best sports in the world in our city. Ranging from Racing sports to Football to even high-Level tennis and running, the range of sports and activities that are available is the reason why sports fans travel to Monaco.

I think that an important thing to do if you are planning a trip to Monaco is to prioritise the sport you want to see. It is possible to see multiple of the sports I have mentioned at a time but sometimes the timings won’t match and you need to pick which sport you are most interested in. As I said earlier, I am a massive horse racing fan so seeing the Monaco Longines Global Champions Tourcourse would be my priority compared to seeing Monaco play Clermont Foot in Ligue 1.

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