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Will Monaco’s 2021 Concert Season Bloom?

It is still a little too early to get a firm grasp on the Principality’s famous summer entertainment for this still unique period in 2021 following the Covid 2020 nightmare. Normally by this time as we approach May 15th fans are abuzz and making plans for all the concerts in July and August. 

We are still on tenterhooks awaiting the Principality’s announcement of how they see the emergence from the health crisis accelerating – and critically what venues can launch concerts and with what size audiences. And what health safety restrictions will be obligatory. It’s an incomplete jig-saw puzzle at the moment. But the rumour mills are working; and possibly more than rumours though promoters are reluctant to publicize too much in case of disappointment if regulations tighten and any advertised shows have to be cancelled. 

Fête de la Musique – June 21st ? 

For the Fête de la Musique, there is a great desire to organize the concert, but for the Mairie it is still too early to communicate on this subject. They are advancing cautiously with the organization of this wonderful evening of June 21st that so many are “crossing fingers” hoping the Mairie will announce it has been approved to go ahead. We still have to wait and see. 

Summer Festival, July and August – Salle Des Etoiles and Salle Garnier 

The Société des Bains de Mer normally announces sometime in May its planned entertainment for the Summer Festival, which for 2021 should include around ten evenings between the Salle Garnier and the Salle des Étoiles for the months of July and August. Mystery still hangs over some of the Festival events. The date of July 23rd especially is being tracked with some excitement. Will the Scottish rockers of Simple Minds take over the Salle des Etoiles? Jim Kerr, the singer of Simple Minds, last came to sing 6 years ago as part of the Summer Festival in 2015.

Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel is a little more certain. He is due to open the ball on July 2nd at the Grimaldi Forum. Monaco’s venue for him looks solid even after the announcement recently of the cancellation of his spring 2021 tour in France from May 6 to June 26.

It’s the first major appearance for a long time for Patrick Bruel, having been impacted by the Covid-19 cancellations. In the Principality, the performer of the phenomenally successful “Casser la voix” is ​​eagerly awaited. It has been a even years since he last sung here. Reports from Grimaldi Forum are that:  The concert is sold out for now.

Julien Clerc – “Les Jours Heureux”

Another major event is going ahead too. Julien Clerc’s concert “Les jours heureux” is targeted for September 11, at the Salle des Princes. Things are looking up. 

Health Safety 

For the big concert evenings, the ticket office so far has only rented half of the seats in the large performance hall of the Grimaldi Forum. This “half-gauge” approach together with the social distancing of the public, who must remain masked, creates a safe environment. If the sanitary measures soften in the upcoming months it is not excluded that more tickets will be put on sale.

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