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Will you be affected by a ban on tinted windows?

As of January 1, 2017, the tinted car windows will be penalized by a flat-rate fine of 135 Euros and a 3-point withdrawal from the driver’s license. Who is targeted by this measure?

All passenger cars in circulation are affected; even those tinted before January 1. Exemptions are made for sedans or armored vehicles used for the transportation of people or goods. Some rare exceptions also include medical conditions such as suffering from exposure to sunlight. However, an attestation will be required…

More in detail, the front windows of your vehicle must not filter more than 30% of light, and therefore have a minimal transparency rate of 70%.

This was done in order to facilitate the work of law enforcement officials, namely, that of checking seat belt fastening and use of telephone in driving.


In a state of emergency, a quick check of a passenger seat interior can be valuable. But it is difficult to assess visually if the window is too dark, the police not being equipped with costly measuring devices.

The darker vehicles would therefore be the first to be targeted. It is best to have your windows inspected free of charge in a specialized center.

It costs about a hundred Euros for a film to be deposited by a professional.

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