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Wingr: Make Professional Connections with Your Phone

Ever imagined meeting your future business associate or business partner with your smartphone? Nothing is impossible with the app from the Monegasque company Wingr. This app allows you to seize business opportunities and interact with people you encounter regularly but have never spoken to.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Who are the people I cross paths with regularly?  The people I see everyday but have never spoken to?’  Wingr helps you seize professional opportunities with those in your vicinity, those you pass by regularly, but never talk to.

Samuel Benichou, CEO of Wingr says “The idea of Wingr came to me after an event called ‘Web Summit’ after which I was particularly frustrated for not meeting the right contact, even though I was in close proximity to 1,000 people.  It’s possible to meet 15, 20, people in a day, but maybe you just missed that one perfect contact. So it made me reflect. We worked very hard on the app.  It was important for us to take advice from innovation specialists, to see what already existed and map out the market.  And what we found is that there is a certain inefficiency in the world: we look very far to try and find something that could be very close. To find your associate, your business partner, to find your infomation developer can be much faster when using wingr.”

Samuel Benichou
Samuel Benichou, CEO of Wingr

Launched last Summer, the app has already seduced many entrepreneurs, notably in Paris at the PME Salon, and at Monaco Business at the Rainier III Auditorium.

To develop his app, Samuel Benichou has had help from a small, dynamic team and advice from an Advisory Board of experts in the field.

Experts in the field

Samuel Benichou
Samuel Benichou, CEO of Wingr

“We had an expert in mobile acquisitions who just joined us and who has an excellent track record, many millions of app downloads in his career, so that is a plus for a start-up like us.  It’s a true techno-project with different people helping out and applying themselves like our managing engineer or Edward Brian, who works on mobile acquisitions along with many other people who have helped us develop Wingr,” says Samual Benichou.

Wingr’s next goal: reach potential users all over the world, and reach the major local players.  Those at the Grimaldi Forum at Monoco Telecoms have shown interest in the app from the young Monegasque start-up, a resource that will definitely help with their future.

Yannick Quentel
Yannick Quentel, member of Wingr’s Advisory Board

Yannick Quentel, active member of Wingr’s Advisory Board says “Everything is currently done on platforms within smartphones and mobile devices. We are a Telecom, very integrated in this particular field, and that’s why Wingr interests us. Everyone who is involved in events in the Principality, professionals who take part in big events and Entrepreneurial Expos, which take place over many hours and many days, one has to optimise one’s time.  In the professional environment, every minute counts, Wingr helps with this optimisation of time.”

The app makes it possible to know more information about the people around you who also use Wingr by watching a short 15 second introductory video about that person.  It’s an initial contact which can make all the difference in one’s professional career.

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