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Woman dies in serious accident on A8

A woman in her twenties died on Saturday morning in an accident involving a truck on the A8 motorway. A 30-year-old man was also injured.

On Saturday morning, at around 9 am, an accident took place on the A8 motorway at the Ricard tunnel in the France-Italy direction at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

For an undetermined reason, a car pulled into the back of a truck. The passenger, who was in her twenties, died. Firefighters took a long time extracting the victim from the vehicle. The driver, supposedly under the alcohol unfluence, a man in his thirties, is in serious condition.

Firemen, the police and emergency medical services from Monaco and Menton were at the scene. The highway, blocked at the La Turbie toll, reopened at around noon.

The investigation is still going on. The results of the toxicity studies showed that the car driver, a man of approximately thirty years old was drunk. Having obtained the results, the investigators have been looking for other possible reasons for this tragic accident – whether that was the speed or other factors. However, according to the latest news, drunk-driving has been recognized as the main reason of the car crashing.

The truck driver who already made his statement to the police has been released. Meanwhile, the 30-year old driver of the car has been sent to prison in Nice for the involuntary manslaughter, while waiting for the following prosecutions.

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