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“World Class Monaco” launches new advertising campaign

Their campaign is called #MYWORLDCLASS. It’s a social movement which calls everyone to think about their way of life, social circle, health, and physical condition and, most importantly, the world that surrounds them.

At the forefront of this social movement are the leaders of the different spheres of activity – sports, art, and show business. These people were chosen by the brand for their outstanding achievements and their constant pursuit of their goals.


Looking at them, you also want to strive forward and achieve more.

In the images of the new advertising campaign “World Class” heroes turn to the audience with the following message: “The world consists of us, you and me. I am a part of this world, and if I want to change it, I must start with myself!”

#MYWORLDCLASS is a call to improve the level of health and physical culture in Monaco and the Riviera, and an appeal to the most successful, healthy and talented people to begin with themselves. It is an appeal to people who are worthy of being themselves and capable of making this world better. The World Class people!


This hashtag will unite the movement of the club members in social networks with outdoor advertising.

The first hero of the campaign and the face of the magazine by the same name #MYWORLDCLASS was Her Serene Highness Charlene Lynette Wittstock. You can also already see billboards with actress Catherine Marlon in the city.

Every month new faces will appear in the World Class advertising images – certainly the opinion leaders who fully share the brand values: each of them is a member of the World Class club.

Princess Charlene

For these campaign heroes #MYWORLDCLASS is not just a hashtag, but a way of life, a conscious choice of environment, values and aspirations.

According to Dmitry Grishin: “I’m glad that my team managed to create areal Club, where it is really interesting to be active, talented and successful. Our new advertising campaign is about this, too. Here, in the Club, we do not all just get stronger, healthier and more beautiful, it’s important for us to meet every day in the World Class. We’re all different, but united by one desire – to improve ourselves in a best possible way.”
So, keep an eye out for #MYWORLDCLASS and their inspiring campaign messages!

Photos @ World Class Monaco

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