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Yachting: Top 6 stories of the week

Here is a list of the most important news of yachting of the last week, according to Yachrharbour

1. First photos of Kleven 116m explorer

Kleven’s 116-meter explorer yacht has been captured undergoing her first sea trials on the Norwegian Sea. The vessel is only a few weeks away from being completed on a technical side. Scheduled for delivery in 2017, she will soon cruise to Bremerhaven, Germany for interior outfitting.

2. Baglietto hit by the MannequinChallenge viral trend

Baglietto didn’t escape the latest viral trend #MannequinChallenge as the shipyard launched its personal challenge from its latest construction, the Baglietto 46m Fast.

3. Nick Mezas presents 74m superyacht concept for Amels


Dutch superyacht designer Nick Mezas introduces a 74 meter custom motor yacht concept in his first collaboration with Amels. The yacht’s exterior boasts long and playful lines, which flow through the design’s decks and which give her a modern yet timeless look. Two very distinctive design details are the slanted knuckles in the forward part of the bulwarks of both the bridge- and sun deck. Furthermore, these knuckles serve the purpose of guiding the bulwarks inward when moving aft. This means more natural light and even greater views for guests relaxing in the interior areas on the owners- and bridge deck. Another detail which contributes to the yacht’s design is the bow’s top-plate which slopes gently back towards the yacht’s stern. This sloping line is accentuated by the hull’s two-tone white and dark grey color which unites the hull and superstructure in a clever way.

4. First images of Feadship Project Vertigo


Sometimes images speak louder than words and that’s certainly the case with the latest new Feadship to see the light of day. Feadship spotters were out in force in Makkum last Wednesday as the 96-metre Vertigo emerged from the construction hall at one of the three yards.

5. How to charter a yacht for Cannes Lions A yacht for Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions, the world’s largest advertising festival, might not start until June but booking a yacht for the event before Christmas is essential to secure the best yacht and a prime berth in the Port of Cannes. Indeed, Alexander Coles, Charter Broker at Bespoke Yacht Charter, confirmed that their agency has already booked 5 yachts for the 2017 event. In fact, the Cannes Lions has become the most popular venue for event charters in recent years.

6. Feadship Aquarius leaving Holland


92-meter Aquarius (Project Touchdown) was launched by Feadship in September 2016.
Jan Ramaker and DY provided us with the photos of Aquarius leaving Holland for Gibraltar.


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