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Yet another construction in Monaco

A new real estate project is now underway at number 67, Boulevard du Jardin Exotique. The current “Villa Thérèse” will be replaced by a five story public building allocated to the FAR association (Foi, Action, Rayonnement), whose current headquarters can be found on Rue Plati.

The building, designed by architect Fred Genin, was approved by the “Conseil Communal” and will cover an area of 438 square metres. In total the five stories will amount to 1316 m² of floor space with five underground parking places. Constructed using classic terracotta facades, the design should fit in nicely with its traditional surroundings.

However as the building is primarily meant for the younger generation, André J. Campana wishes there was more parking space for motorbikes and Claude Bollatti had hoped for “a green roof that the young members of FAR could’ve made use of”.

The project, paid for by “l’Administration des Domaines”, is expected to cost 4,730,110 euros and will take 18 months to complete.

Other projects

In addition to the 620,000 euros allocated to the new “Salle de Sport” project, city officials voted on three additional requests from the municipal financial fund.

The first 300,000 euros will go towards initial repair work on the town hall to improve public services. The work is expected to begin in the fourth trimester of 2017.

A new kiosk in Place d’Armes

More than 150,000 euros will be spent on the renovation of the Sainte-Dévote Foyer on Rue des Remparts, a large-scale operation to create additional space in the area.

Finally, 185,000 euros will go towards renovating the Place d’Armes newspaper kiosk, which will be moved to the Place du Marché.

In total, more than 1.2 million euros have been allocated from a communal fund of 3 million.

The mayor, Georges Marsan, reassured the public that the cost for these projects had been carefully weighed out and would be put back into the community over the next few months.

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