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You Drink We Drive: New app keeps drunk drivers off the road

Recently, start-up weekend was held in Monaco. Laptops and clip-boards in hand, 80 participants of different nationalities had the task of launching their companies… in 54 hours. At stake was a financial accompaniment to the tune of 20,000 euros to help put their project on track. Only three teams were rewarded, but this year was “a great one” according to the organization. In a digital world, smartphone apps were the winners of this fourth edition. Even if they didn’t win, would be a shame to disregard some participants who had worthy ideas! These other projects will surely come to fruition, thanks to the spotlight given to them over the weekend. Entrepreneurs with new ideas who are already thinking of setting up in the Principality.

“Making roads safer”

Laetitia did not win the start-up prize at the weekend. Yet, she was able to fill her briefcase with Monegasque economic expansion! ‘You We’, a contraction of ‘You drink We drive’, is scheduled to launch in July. As the name implies, this is a particularly unusual transportation platform.  “It’s late and you go out for an evening of drinks. You cannot drive back under the influence of alcohol, but you need your vehicle the next day. We are in Monaco, it happens to everyone and we may be tempted to make the wrong choice!” said Laetitia, during the application. From your phone, you can reach a driver in a foldable bike, a “biker” in Laetitia’s words, who will take you back after they pack their bike in your trunk. An idea that seduced a lot of people, especially during the competition, through the description of the young woman. “I’ve had encouragement from mothers who have kids with licenses, or from friends who cannot always be the designated driver for their friends.” For a rate of 24.90 euros, a single price, going home safely and with your own car will be possible.

Nothing to do with taxis

A major asset which distinguishes it from other transport services is that this company wishes to concentrate its activity in Monaco and Beausoleil. When we mentioned the Uber company to Laetitia, she helped correct the ambiguity: “We control our drivers who will be employees with bicycles at the expense of the company.” She continued, insisting: “We will not compete with taxis, as they cannot take someone with their own vehicle. It’s the opposite for us!” A line she defends so ardently, to ease the minds of the company of Monaco taxis, which she is currently negotiating with. In contact with the first cyclists, she hopes to take advantage of the major events in the Principality over the next year to find her customers. “We hope to work mainly during these times when the influx of people is very important. This will make the roads safer and relieve hospitals and police stations,” she promises.

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