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MC State news: Albert II Nautical Centre Renovations

Albert II Nautical Centre Renovations

The Albert II nautical centre will be completely renovated from floor to ceiling. Since its inauguration in 1985, only regular maintenance work had been done and it is in need of some major updating. The restructuring of the nautical centre is a good example of the need to move forward while preserving the interests of everyone. High environmental standards to reduce energy consumption, responding to the wishes of the sovereign, will be instated.

Albert II Nautical Centre Renovations

The renovations have been divided into three phases. Last summer, the pool was given a new, modern aesthetic while improving its functionality and replacing all equipment. The large pool’s structural supports, tiles and sealing system were changed. The movable wall that divides the pool was also modified. In June 2018, phase 2 of the works began. The entire water treatment system and part of the air system will be completely replaced. Finally, the pool’s tiles will be replaced by stainless steel. In the final phase, walls and ceilings will be reworked, air treatment will be finalized and there will be changes to the locker room including the integration of underfloor heating. In October 2019, after three summers of work, the Albert II Nautical Centre will be brand new.

ASM Basketball Court Renovations

Refurbishment work has been underway at the Louis II Stadium since the beginning of the summer: first the football pitch and now the basketball court in the Gaston Médecin Omnisports Hall, home to AS Monaco’s team. Work on the court began in late July and is due to be completed on 26 August.

ASM Basketball Court Renovations

The aim is to fully upgrade the finish (varnish and paint) and bring it up to compliance with the rules of France’s national basketball league, the LNB. The rules require two distinct shades of varnish, one for the two-point shooting zone and another for the three-point zone. The perimeter of the court and free-throw areas will be repainted red and finally, ‘MONACO’ will be inscribed in front of the officials’ table. The court at the Gaston Médecin Omnisports Hall will be ready in time for the Jeep Elite basketball championship, with Monaco set to play Lyon-Villeurbanne on 22 September.

Source: gouv.mc

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