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Princess Charlene trains for Water Bike Challenge 2020 in Calvi and other princely news

Princess Charlene, who is currently in Calvi, Corsica for a family holiday, is using some of her free time to train for the Water Bike Challenge 2020. Princess Charlene will be participating in the race.

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation recently announced the Crossing: Calvi Monaco Water bike Challenge, which will take place on 12 and 13 September 2020. The aim of this new sporting challenge is to travel from Calvi to Monaco by water bike in the shortest time possible. From the port of Calvi, two teams of four internationally renowned athletes will take turns cycling at sea for nearly 24 hours over a distance of 180 km. The finish line is scheduled for 13 September at the Yacht Club de Monaco. 

Princess Charlene recently met with Calvis mayor, Ange Santini, and port captain Philippe Gabrielli, to organize the race in the best possible conditions. Proceeds from the event will go to supporting projects by the Princess Charlene Foundation.

Charlotte Casiraghi speaks at 50th anniversary of Fort Antoine Theatre

As part of this summers events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fort Antoine Theatre, Charlotte Casiraghi spoke at the Philosophical Encounters of Monaco on 8 July. Charlotte Casiraghi read a poem by Giacomo Leopardi entitled, Le Gênetou la fleur du Vésuve during the event. Charlotte Casiraghi founded The Philosophical Encounters in 2015 with her teacher, philosopher Robert Maggiori.

🎭 #Culture LETTRES DE CONFINEMENT – SOIRÉE DE LECTURESMercredi soir, dans le cadre de la 50ème édition du Théâtre du…

Опубликовано Monaco Info Пятница, 17 июля 2020 г.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fort Antoine open air theatre, the Princes Government is offering a series of performances all summer long which are free to the public. Seats can be booked via the Princesse Grace Theatre box office.

«Le Gênet ou la fleur du Vésuve» de Giacomo Leopardi // Réflexions par Charlotte Casiraghi

DÉSIRS DE PHILOSOPHIEExtrait des réflexions sur le poème de Giacomo Leopardi «Le Gênet ou la fleur du Vésuve» par Charlotte Casiraghi à l'occasion des 50 ans du Théâtre Fort Antoine à Monaco, le 8 Juillet 2020. Retrouvez l'intégralité de l'évènement filmé par Monaco Info sur YouTube: Gouvernement Monaco Theatre Fort Antoine

Опубликовано Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco Четверг, 16 июля 2020 г.

Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi attend NakedHeart Charity Dinner

Pierre Casiraghi and his wife Beatrice Borromeo attended a charity dinner for the Naked Heart Foundation at La Guériterestaurant in Cannes. Beatrice Borromeo wore a floral print dress by Christian Dior to the event, which took place on 17July.

Beatrice Borromeo and @natasupernova at the @nakedheartfoundation charity gala …#beatriceborromeo #nakedheartfoundation #nataliavodianova #dior #laguerite #cannes #jetset #summer

Опубликовано Eugenia Garavani Суббота, 18 июля 2020 г.

The Naked Heart Foundations mission is to help build an inclusive society, open to people with disabilities and special needs, through play and free support services for children and their families. The Beslan school siege of 2004 motivated Natalia Vodianova to set up the Foundation. Desperate to do something to help, she thought that if young survivors could be distracted by play, it would help them to heal. As a mother who grew up in poverty in urban Russia, Natalia Vodianova understands the importance of play.

5th Annual Palace Day in Monaco

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco celebrated the 5th Palace Day, an annual event on 19 July developed by the Association of European Royal Residences.

Monegasque National Day

This years theme was music, a theme that has been relevant in the Palace since the reign of Prince Honoré II (1597-1662), when the Palace of Monaco attracted musicians and served as a backdrop for court ballets, including the Analects of Diana and Apollo in 1654 and Le Vittorie di Minerva in 1655.

In 1959, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace decided to host an annual season of symphonic concerts in the palaces main courtyard, where the best international performers performed. The brass band for the Carabiniers du Prince was formed in 1979. The band became an orchestra in 2014 and gave a concert for the annual general meeting of European Royal Residences last year.

The Princes Palace commemorated the special theme by sharing important tidbits and photographs about music in the Palace on social media throughout the day.

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