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AS Monaco Volleyball: Young pride of the Principality

ASM’s young ladies’ team, Les Poussines, featuring the sports talent of Marina Pezelj, Rebeka Zyani and Chloé Leblanc, has recently become the winners of the departmental volleyball championship.

The girls, in the M11 category, have been trained by the general manager of the club, Axel Le Meur, and coached by Dragan Pezelj, the coach of the first men’s team. The girls’ team had a very good season, and they finished at the head of the departmental championship and have now made themselves the pride of AS Monaco Volleyball. The Poussines have come first at the end of this championship among 36 teams, without losing a single match or a single set.


A great success

It is well known that during the last seven consecutive years, these departmental championships have always been won by RC Cannes, so this makes the victory all the more stunning and exciting. The young players must be extremely proud of themselves for having accomplished this and by unseating the Cannes team that has held sway over the past 7 years. It is thanks to their hard work and dedication to their sport, as well as the admirable efforts, guidance, and training of the manager and coach, that these girls have been able to rise to victory.  This amazing season of the ASM training for young people illustrates the club’s youth training policy, enabling them to enjoy volleyball while trying to achieve a certain level of performance. It has certainly worked in this case, as only smiling faces can be found on the team now. They managed to achieve their goal beyond even their own hopeful expectations.

There’s hope that the team can be motivated by their win and continue to work and train hard for future championships. They have certainly inspired young players from the Principality that they too could perhaps one day become winners of the departmental volleyball championship.

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