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Boats, Bumps, and Broken Noses: A Monegasque’s Brave Powerboat Showdown in Marbella

In the glamorous setting of Puerto Banús, Spain, the latest chapter of the E1 Series unfolded with all the high-stakes drama of a Hollywood blockbuster. Monegasque pilot Lisa Caussin-Battaglia and her team from Blue Rising entered the event with high hopes, their sights set on clinching their first major victory. However, the seas had other plans.

The weekend kicked off with the thrill of the qualifying rounds. Team Blue Rising put on a show in Marbella’s iconic coastal resort, their electric RaceBirds cutting through the challenging waters with precision. Lisa Caussin-Battaglia, undeterred by the rough conditions, even managed to outpace Team Brady, the championship leaders, sparking a wave of excitement and anticipation for the final.

As the final race approached, the stakes couldn’t have been higher. Four boats vied for the podium, battling not just each other but the increasingly treacherous swells. On Saturday, Blue Rising’s boat sustained damage but was patched up for Sunday’s showdown. Yet, as the race began, disaster struck. The nose of their boat detached, dashing their hopes as Lisa watched helplessly from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Team Miami, backed by legendary singer Marc Anthony, seized the moment. Pilots Erik Stark and Anna Glennon demonstrated tenacity navigating the choppy waters with finesse. Their perseverance paid off, and they emerged victorious, claiming the top podium spot and propelling Team Miami to the championship lead.

The Puerto Banús event was not without its share of casualties. Team Brazil and Westbrook Racing also faced mechanical failures, adding to the weekend’s drama. Despite these setbacks, the spirit of the competition shone through, with over ten thousand fans lining the shores, their cheers a testament to the captivating nature of the E1 Series.

Looking ahead, Lisa Caussin-Battaglia remains undaunted. “We have to keep our heads up and think about Monaco now,” she said, eyes already on the next race in her home waters in July. So the end of July promises another chance for redemption, especially as it is in her home waters in Monaco… another chapter in her journey.

UIM World Powerboating Championships

Lisa’s story doesn’t end with the E1 Series. In Sardinia, she competed in the UIM World Powerboating Championships, driving completely stock jets and finishing a respectable 10th despite the disadvantages. A new machine and a fresh budget bring hope and renewed vigour to her campaign.

As the E1 Series continues its global tour, the resilience, skill, and sheer willpower of Monegasque Lisa and the other pilots ensure that each race is a spectacle. From the sunny shores of Spain to the grand finale with Lisa in Monaco, the journey is filled with highs, lows, and the unyielding pursuit of victory. For Lisa Caussin-Battaglia and her peers, the adventure is just beginning.

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