“Formula 1 on the Sea”? Monaco’s Jet Skier Embarks on the E1 Series

From Jet-Skis to Power Boat Racing. Jumping into another sport  at a high level, even an allied one, is high risk and takes a lot of confidence. But Jet Skier Lisa Caussin-Battaglia is more than up for it ….and why not given her talent and championship track record in world-class events to-date. Being Monégasque and Monaco being the centre of testing of new evolutionary and sustainable marine racing technologies …. it all adds up. 

Monaco’s racing prowess extends beyond its renowned land-based Formula 1 legacy to the equivalent on the sea. Local hero Lisa Caussin-Battaglia is venturing into the revolutionary E1 Series, an electrifying addition to powerboat racing.

This marks a significant moment for the Principality, as the first season of the E1 Series is set to commence in Jeddah this February.

The inception of the E1 Series can be traced back to Monaco in September 2020, conceived by Alejandro Agag, the visionary behind Formula E and Extreme E, and Rudi Basso, a distinguished Formula 1 engineer. This unique racing spectacle will feature 100% electric boats, capable of speeds exceeding 50 knots, drawing comparisons to “Formula 1 cars of the seas.”

Lisa Caussin-Battaglia’s journey into the E1 Series is a testament to Monaco’s commitment to innovation and sustainable racing. The Blue Rising team, led by cricket legend Virat Kohli, has chosen Caussin-Battaglia as its pilot, making her one of the pioneers in this groundbreaking championship. Kohli’s team is part of a league of 12 teams, each owned by iconic athletes such as Rafael Nadal, Tom Brady, Sergio Perez, and Didier Drogba.

World Series Vice-World Champion 

For Caussin-Battaglia, renowned as a jet ski champion and recently crowned World Series vice-world champion, this transition signifies a new chapter in her sporting career. Her integration into Team Blue Rising aligns seamlessly with the team’s ethos of sustainability and gender equality, mirroring the values of Monaco and India, a sentiment expressed by Virat Kohli.

The E1 Series will encompass seven races across the globe in its inaugural season. A remarkable highlight is the Monaco Grand Prix scheduled for July 26-27, bringing the event back to its birthplace and allowing Caussin-Battaglia to compete on her home turf.

Reflecting on her unexpected journey into powerboat racing, Caussin-Battaglia recalls seeing the E1 Series boat at the Yacht Club years ago, never imagining she would pilot it. Her diverse sporting background, including high-level jet skiing and sailing, uniquely positioned her to stand out during the rigorous selection process.

As Monaco eagerly anticipates the E1 Series, Lisa Caussin-Battaglia remains focused on making her country proud. The championship’s emphasis on environmental consciousness and gender equality resonates with her personal commitment, creating an exciting narrative for Monaco’s involvement in this “Formula 1 of the seas.” With the seas as her new arena, Caussin-Battaglia is poised to continue her racing legacy and potentially etch her name in the annals of powerboat racing history.

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