Monaco’s Bobsledder Boris Vain: A Rising Star in the Driving Seat

In bobsledding, Monaco’s own Boris Vain emerges as a shining beacon of new talent as the driver. Teaming up with his partner Antoine Riou (start-pusher and brakeman), Boris Vain showcased his prowess steering the bobsleigh at the World Championships in Winterberg, Germany.

Navigating the icy tracks with finesse, Boris and Antoine secured a commendable seventh place finish in the fiercely competitive two-man bobsleigh event, starting to etch their names into the annals of Monegasque bobsleigh sporting history. Their performance catapulted them into the top echelons of Monegasque bobsledding, trailing only behind Patrice Servelle and his triumph at the Calgary World Championships in 2010.

Despite narrowly missing out on breaking into the coveted top five , Boris Vain remains undeterred, his spirit undiminished. He aimed high hoping to crack the top ten and succeeded. The top five seemed like a distant dream rather than a goal … “next time Top 5 or 6 or better! ” is surely in the mind of the Monegasque athlete.

With his sights set firmly on the horizon, Boris Vain is wasting no time dwelling on past glories. As he gears up for the upcoming World Championships in Lake Placid, USA, commencing on March 21st, thoughts of the next Winter Olympics in 2026 will be surfacing in his mind. Having competed in two Olympic Games as the critical pusher at the start, his aspiration now is clearly to feature on the Olympic stage as a driver.

Transitioning from pusher to driver after the 2022 Olympic Games, Boris Vain is embarking on a journey of self-discovery and mastery. It’s akin to an ace Formula1 engineer transforming into a racing driver … a dramatically new type of role. And there’s a steep learning curve inherent in this new role.

Only for the brave, and brave Boris is!

Fascinating Facts: The Origins and Evolution of Bobsledding

Bobsledding traces its roots back to the 1880s, emerging from the bustling lumber towns of upstate New York and the snowy slopes of the Swiss Alps. The sport’s inaugural organized competition took place in 1898 on the famed Cresta Run in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, featuring teams comprised of three men and two women. Its distinctive name originated from the rhythmic bobbing motion used by competitors to propel the sled forward.

In 1923, bobsledding gained international recognition and the sport’s status was solidified the following year when it was included in the inaugural Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France. Since 1931, both two-person and four-person world championship competitions have been held annually, interrupted only by the tumult of World War II.

Come on Monaco Women – The Future Beckons!

Despite women’s involvement in bobsledding since its inception, international competition for female athletes didn’t commence until the 1990s. The women’s two-person bobsled event made its historic debut at the Olympic Games in 2002, marking a significant milestone in the sport’s evolution and gender inclusivity.

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