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Monaco’s Roca Team Rocks Paris: A Repeat Championship Victory to Remember

In a night that will be remembered for its sheer dominance, Monaco’s Roca Team clinched their second consecutive French basketball championship with a decisive victory over Paris Basketball. The game, held at the packed Adidas Arena in Paris, saw the visitors crush their opponents with a stunning 115-76 scoreline, wrapping up the series 3-1 in the best-of-five finals.

Setting the Tone Early

Monaco’s strategy was clear from the outset: take control early and never look back. Coach Sasa Obradovic emphasized the importance of not allowing the series to extend to a fifth game, a message his players took to heart. Mike James set the tone by scoring a three-pointer just seconds into the game, quickly adding another three points to put Monaco in the lead. By the time Paris called their first timeout, they were staring at an 11-0 deficit.

James, who would later be named the MVP of the finals, was in top form. He notched up 27 points and 4 assists, showcasing his scoring prowess and leadership. His early surge helped Monaco establish a commanding 19-0 lead before Paris could even register on the scoreboard.

Relentless Assault

The first quarter ended with Monaco leading 37-18, thanks to contributions from Jordan Loyd, Mouhammadou Jaiteh, and Petr Cornelie. In the second quarter, Donta Hall, Matthew Strazel, and Elie Okobo joined the fray, further extending their lead. Despite efforts from Paris’s top scorer, Finn Jantunen, the home team struggled to keep pace. By halftime, Monaco had a comfortable 63-37 lead.

The onslaught continued after the break, with Monaco’s lead ballooning to 82-43 midway through the third quarter. Obradovic’s team was firing on all cylinders, executing their game plan to perfection. Even when they eased off slightly to avoid completely demoralizing their opponents, the Roca Team maintained an insurmountable lead.

Closing It Out in Style

The final quarter saw some resistance from Paris, who managed an 11-point run. However, the damage was already done. Okobo, Jaiteh, and Strazel ensured that Monaco surpassed the 100-point mark, cementing their dominance with a final score of 115-76.

As the final buzzer sounded, the Roca Team celebrated their emphatic victory. The crowd at the Adidas Arena, though disappointed, couldn’t deny the brilliance of Monaco’s performance. Mike James, deservedly named MVP, was the architect of this triumph, capping off another successful championship run for the Roca Team.

A Season to Remember

This victory not only solidifies Monaco’s status as the preeminent force in French basketball but also highlights their impressive consistency and resilience. Their path to the title was marked by a series of outstanding performances, including a dominant win in Game 3 and an unyielding display in the deciding Game 4.

For Paris Basketball, this defeat marked the end of a promising season that saw them crowned EuroCup champions and Leaders Cup winners. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t overcome the might of a Monaco team determined to retain their crown.

In the end, the Roca Team’s blend of tactical acumen, individual brilliance, and relentless drive proved too much for their rivals. As they lifted the championship trophy for the second year running, the message was clear: Monaco reigns supreme in French basketball.

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