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Monegasque Micallef Triumphs in Las Vegas with 9th Successive Victory in the Pro Ranks

Hugo Micallef, the Monegasque boxing champion with aspirations to conquer the global stage, recently achieved a remarkable feat in Las Vegas. Securing his ninth consecutive victory in the professional ranks, Micallef emerged victorious by TKO against Sergio Odabai at the T-Mobile Arena.

Micallef is pursuing relentlessly the objectives he has set himself since childhood. Displaying the determination and skill that have been the hallmarks of his career, the Red and White athlete fulfilled his American dream by soundly defeating his Austrian opponent in the face-off organized by his promoter, Top Rank.

And what a weekend it was in Las Vegas. It could just as well have been Monaco with two Monegasque athletes dominating the stage, Charles Leclerc giving his all in Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing, the other in boxing. 

And as for Monegasque boxer Micallef the culmination of this victory in Las Vegas marked a significant milestone in his professional journey. Surrounded by his family and close companions, including Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc, Micallef experienced an uplifting moment where the camaraderie between the two childhood friends from Monaco shone brightly.

This achievement underscores Micallef’s trajectory, which began with humble roots and a childhood marked by aspirations to defend and protect his family. His journey, from initially pursuing boxing due to a traumatic incident affecting his father to becoming a proficient and strategic athlete in the ring, reflects the resilience and determination embedded within him.

At the age of 7 he was in a car when he witnessed his father being attacked in Menton. His father had wanted to help out Hugo’s grandfather caught up in a fight with some youngsters. Having knocked out a few of them, his father tripped over and fell down unconscious. He was then severely beaten. Six of them on him. He suffered from multiple traumas. That day Micallef actually thought he was dead. He then felt an irrepressible desire to be able to defend his family and with some difficulty at first, but with ultimate success, managed to persuade his father to sign him up for boxing. 

The rest is history as Micallef continues to make strides in the boxing world. His victory in Las Vegas also sets the stage for greater aspirations. 

His mind is firmly set on qualifying for the Olympic Games at the World Qualifiers scheduled for March 2024.

And his focus on becoming a great champion remains steadfast, driving him to excel further. 

With each victory, Hugo Micallef is continuing to carve his path toward achieving his ultimate ambition … to become world champion. This latest conquest in Las Vegas is one more step towards that goal and cements his position as a rising star in the realm of professional boxing.

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