Nico Rosberg interviewed for Prince’s series ‘A Green Shift?’

F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg was recently interviewed for the Prince Albert II Foundation’s new video series called ‘A Green Shift?’. During the video, Nico Rosberg reflects on the ongoing pandemic and how it has revealed the state of our global emissions.

As the COVID-19 continues to cause an unprecedented international crisis, the link between the environment and health has been put in the spotlight. In a digital campaign made up of a series of short video interviews, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has been giving the floor to celebrities and scientists to reflect on the link between the environment and the pandemic.

“New York City has 50% less emissions currently and people there are saying how amazing it is, how quiet, how clean the air to breathe is,” Nico Rosberg said during the video.

The campaign symbolically began on 22 April, the 50th Earth Day, with a message of hope from HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. Several other personalities are expected to share their points of view in the near future, in the fields of the environment, science and economics.

“Our society is undergoing many transformations at the moment. I think the most significant one is the feeling of caring for each other even more than before and the feeling of doing good for society as a whole.  I’m sure that beyond fighting this virus, this is something that is going to extent in so many different areas.For example, fighting climate change and preserving the environment in many different ways,” the world champion F1 driver said during the new campaign.

Nico Rosberg interviewed for Prince’s series ‘A Green Shift?’

Nico Rosberg was raised primarily in Monaco and studied at the International School of Monaco.  The 34-year-old retired Mercedes driver is also a Sustainability Entrepreneur and founded the Greentech Festival in Berlin to showcase new green technologies for a more sustainable future.

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