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Roca team lost to Nanterre 99-88

Beautiful series of 13 victories by Roca team had to stop one day anyway… so it happened in the game against Nanterre. Exhausted after previous tense games, Roca team didn’t happen to have enough forces to win over Nanterre team.

Roca Team vs. Nanterre

The intensity and difficulty of the game can be guessed by a simple look at the score of every quarter. All three quarters Roca team lost (23-19, 25-21, 25-21) and only the forth one they managed to win with a difference in one point (26-27).

Roca Team vs. Nanterre

In the second quarter Roca team managed to get some small break and lead for a while 38-33, thanks to three-point drop from Sergii Gladyr. But Nanterre was playing on a full force and their fire was difficult to stop or hinder them to lead. It is worth noticing that though there was no time when the Monegasque team lost its spirit, they were fighting till the final whistle. But the fatigue not only physical but mental too had its impact on the result of the game.

Top scorer of the match was, as it often happens, again Dee Bost who scored 25 points in 20 minutes.


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