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Prince Albert II Bilieu
Prince Albert. Photo credit to www.ledauphine.com

​Monaco Princely News​

Prince Albert of Monaco visits Bilieu

The Prince visited Bilieu by helicopter.

A princely visit. Last week, Prince Albert of Monaco made a passing visit to Lake Paladru. The former member of the Monaco bobsleigh team visited his longtime friend, Gérard Christaud, who lives in Bilieu. The two men became friends through one of their common passions: bobsledding. During his visit, the Prince participated in several activities such as: swimming, a reunion, a visit to Voiron and more.

Prince Albert Bobsleigh
Photo credit to www.parismatch.com


Beatrice Borromeo attends Erika Widegren’s wedding in Stockholm

On August 25, 2017, Beatrice Borromeo attended the wedding ceremony of Axel Staël von Holstein and Erika Widegren (Beatrice’s school friend) at the Saint James’s Church (Swedish: Sankt Jacobs kyrka) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Beatrice Borromeo
Beatrice Borromeo
Beatrice Borromeo
Beatrice Borromeo

Дела княжеские: друзья семьи Гримальди

Дела княжеские: друзья семьи Гримальди

Source: Expressen & www.newmyroyals.com

Photo credit to newmyroyals.com/ledauphine.com/lessor38.fr

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