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Deadly Storms and Criminals Leave a String of Victims including the Police

Young Ladies Insulting and Savagely Threatening the Police: an unbecoming sight at Monaco Station 

Two students, young ladies in their early twenties, passed the police on their way out of Monte Carlo station and an outrageous debacle ensued. The police noticed they were not wearing their masks and asked them to do so. They were also carrying bottles of wine too openly and provocatively. They commenced a vicious verbal assault on the three police which spiraled out of control, including personal insults. Worse they threatened the police to the point of threatening death and posted similar insults and threats later on social media. On arrest the drug ecstasy for consummation was found. One additional serious offense. 

The Court came down hard on them with a lesson no doubt they will remember for a long time. Fines of 600 euros and ten days each in prison with additional compensation to each of the police officers ranging between 500 euros and 1500 euros. 

Taxi Drivers – Beware That Crafty Fare Dodger

It’s a problem that is faced by many taxi drivers. An affluent looking gentleman gets in their cab and asks to be taken on a long trip – whether it be from Monaco to Paris or Marseille or Saint Tropez. It is an opportunity to earn a fare of hundreds of euros – even as much sometimes as 1000 euros or close to 2000 euros.But the taxi driver is performing a service essentially on credit with little in the form of security. Taxi driver beware – even if your customer hails you from the most prestigious hotel in Monte Carlo.That is exactly what happened one evening with a taxi who took his fare from the hotel in Monte Carlo to an appartment where he picked up extra bags. And then off on his long distance taxi-ride to another city far away on the Côte d’Azur. 

Arriving at his destination the customer skipped out of the taxi promising to return to pay the fare of over 1000 euros – claiming he had left his cheque-book in the hotel. The taxi driver thought the bags remaining in the cab were security enough. But no! The fare dodger had fled. Fortunately, there was enough evidence in the bags to track him down and bring him to court. Unfortunately the taxi-driver had a very slippery customer indeed – one with a sheaf of similar offenses and who was used to living his life in court, stringing cases out to avoid payment. 

Even after being sentenced to prison and instructed to pay 1500 euros for the taxi-ride, contests to the judgement were still taking place over two years after the event. The taxi driver has not been paid one cent to-date and must now await another court hearing in 2021 to see if he can get justice. Taxi drivers beware! 

Victim of storm Alex? Body of woman found at sea in Monaco

Giving human names to these storms hides the destruction and havoc that they wreak on people’s lives. People and animals. The wolves’s sanctuary at the Alpha Park, at the heart of Mercantour National Park in Saint Martin de Vesubie and the local football field loved by the local children were not the only victims of Storm Alex. The Vesubie and de la Roya valleys were very badly hit and people have died in the storm’s wake. 

The provisional toll of storm Alex still stands at six people dead, including a firefighter whose remains were found in the Var river in Carros, and thirteen worrying disappearances. Bodies, which have already been found on the Italian coast, came “very probably”, it is reported, from French cemeteries. The old cemetery of Saint-Dalmas-de-Tende was almost completely destroyed by the flood. And the body of a woman was found the other afternoon in the Mediterranean Sea, in Monegasque waters, according to the public prosecutor of Nice. It was transferred to the French authorities days later, as part of judicial cooperation with the Italian and Monegasque authorities. The woman discovered could not be identified. The autopsy, according to reports, could not establish whether it was a body from one of the cemeteries destroyed during the passage of storm Alex, or a victim of the storm. The identification process is still underway but there is no reported sign of success as yet in unravelling this mystery 

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