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Deviant Sex, Drugs and a Crooked Concierge Occupy the Courts

Learn the most interesting stories from the court room.

White Powder on a Spanish Lady’s Nose was the Tip-Off

A Spanish lady in her early thirties was spotted by police emerging from the bathroom of a Monaco night club with white powder on her nose. There is a no tolerance policy to drug-use in Monaco. And to back up their suspicions they found a tube with just over a gram of cocaine in her possession. She denied having used any of the drug on Monaco territory maintaining that she had acquired the cocaine from two Italians. Her story about not consuming drugs in Monaco did not hold up before the court. There was no doubt she had white powder on her nose and it would have stretched belief that it was other than the cocaine. She had no prior record of crime or drugs so the Prosecution argued for a two month suspended prison sentence to which the Court agreed. 

Deviant Sexual Appetite for Photos of Minors Leads to Jail

The criminal had already served 10 years in prison in Italy for murder of a grandparent who would not continue to pay to support him to study in Monaco. Following prison he was caught in Monaco with over 100 files on his computer of pedophilia ranging from the very youngest children. He claimed to have been so traumatized in prison that he had had to resort to deviant sexual pleasures to cope; he said viewing the sordid files was for him a sort of therapy. The difficult choice before the court was between immediate incarceration for a very serious offense or appropriate professional therapy combined with a suspended jail sentence. The Prosecution argued for a minimum period of incarceration. After reflection the Court opted to put its weight behind therapy… but accompanied by an 18 month suspended prison sentence. 

A Crooked Concierge Attracts a Severe Jail Sentence

A lady in a Monaco residence was wise to photo the odometer on her Bentley and her sports car before going away for a month. To her dismay when she returned she discovered about a 1000 kms extra on the Bentley’s clock. And there were discarded sweet wrappings and butt-ends of cigarettes strewn around the inside of the car. Worse, she was to find her apartment in disarray; someone had lodged there during her absence. It turned out to be a young lady acquaintance of the concierge. 

A police investigation led to the concierge admitting that he had driven the Bentley several times in Monaco and once outside Monaco but he denied racking up 1000 kms. Of concern was that the owner of the apartment and car had become scared by the bald-faced and insulting manner of the concierge when confronted with his mis-demeanors. She felt intimidated and feared him. The Court took the breach of trust by the Concierge very seriously and particularly the manner in which he had intimidated the owner of the apartment and also tried to deflect the blame onto his colleagues. As he was absent at the hearing the Court issued a warrant for his arrest and came down with a sentence of 6 months in prison. A civil suit against him has also been launched by the owner. 

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