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Don’t Underestimate the Fury of a Woman Provoked

A Serial Honey Trap Perpetrator Takes a Fall

It had all the signs of premeditated entrapment given the past behavior of an Asian lady who serially attracted male pursuers. 

If it was a honey trap, her latest conquest certainly fell head over heels into it. A married man, he discovered later that breaking up with his mistress was going to be fraught with problems. He certainly had not anticipated a barrage of hysterical insults and harassment, literally thousands of messages that continued for months. But it was the blackmail that led him to the Court. 

His mistress had threatened to reveal all. She demanded money to persuade her from telling his wife. Thousands and thousands of euros passed from him to her … just short of 30.000€ before he balked and went to Court to deal with her blackmail. 

For her part, she claimed to have helped introduce clients to his business and deserved the payments. And she claimed to be badly hurt emotionally by their affair ending and that he had promised to have a family with her. A woman scorned! 

With a criminal conviction she was looking at a potential 6 months suspended sentence. In the end the Court was lenient and sentenced her to a two months suspended term in jail and a civil award of just under 15.000€.

Would the lady harass him again? To prevent it the Court imposed a two year restraining order forbidding any type of contact during that time.

Doggy Doo, Doggy Don’t on the Lawn! 

Violence, insults, scratches, the aggressor a woman in her 70s. Who would have thought two women, both residents of Monaco, would squabble to this level in public where the police had to get involved. 

What triggered it? It was the dog of one defecating on a public lawn that incited the rage of the other … rage that spun out of control when she grabbed the leash and arm of the dog owner, scratching her in the process. 

Such was the force of the attack that the dog owner went to fetch the police who sanctioned the aggressor. 

It turned out that the 70 year old was well known to the police and on several occasions had crossed the line of normal civil behaviour. An unrelenting attitude and lack of remorse for the violent scratching of the other led the Court to uphold the sanction of the police. 

It awaits to see if she has learned her lesson to control her violent temper. 

A Cunning Woman Stopped in her Tracks 

It wasn’t likely to work! Go to a fine hotel in Monaco with a roof-top pool, order a delicious meal and Dom Perignon champagne to wash it down … and then make a run for it without paying. 

It didn’t work and the lady, not far off 50 years old was stopped in her tracks and landed in Court. An unpaid bill of well over 1000 euros to account for which with a fine would see her out of pocket by 2000€. A psychiatric case she was certainly feisty although her alleged mental ailments included depression. Unrepentant she tried to brush away the facts, in particular about ordering Champagne. Her boldness nearly cost her dear in terms of prison time because the prosecutor wanted her put behind bars for 2 months.

The judge must have been swayed by the history of depressive illness. He dismissed the prosecution’s request for prison time and let her be released with solely the financial penalty. A lucky escape for her!

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