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Drugs and Dishonesty Take Their Toll: Not to Mention Jail and Stiff Fines

Cannabis & Cocaine Makes For Jail

Night-clubbing with drugs. Jail is what the prosecution argued for – at a minimum a suspended jail sentence and an exemplary fine. In particular, the more implicated of the two men, a Luxembourg businessman was in danger of going to jail for drug offenses. His client, an Italian would be treated more leniently. Grand Prix parties are welcome in Monaco – and champagne and liquor flowing is all part of the fun. Drugs – NO! So when the police spied these two men in their fifties, taking it in turn visiting the toilet outside a night club, with obvious snorting of cocaine on emergence, they checked the wash basins inside. And they indeed found traces of lines of coke.

Law and order

A first time offense and politeness in front of the judge helped. The defending counsel successfully pleaded for fines instead of jail, making the point that foreigners who do not live in Monaco often do not have the courtesy to turn up for court appearances. A hefty 3000 euro fine for the Luxembourgeois (Luxembourger) and 1500 euros fine for his Italian client.

Don’t Do Drugs – and Never in front of the kids

Emergency on the Rock – a young teenager calls for help. Dad is having a funny turn – sick as a dog. It’s scary for the kid. Arrive the police to find evidence of cannabis and all the drug paraphernalia to partake. The father is lying prostrate on the bed, only just conscious. An unemployed blue-collar worker, he bemoans his life and says he developed his drug habit due to psychological problems. He excuses his current drugged state as due to trying to relieve a panic attack. He says he usually would not take drugs with his son around, but he was overcome on this occasion with acute anxiety.

Law and order

The judge was not amused when the defendant did not turn up in court. The day in court may have helped him reflect and turn a new leaf. The judge would have liked to see the man intent on kicking his habit and planning to reform. And the presence of the child during the drug-taking episode was a serious consideration. The defendant’s nonchalance and lack of concern for his child’s welfare earned him a 15 day suspended jail sentence for this his first offence.

Stealing From Colleagues at Work – A Betrayal of Trust

Law and order

An unusual case where a wallet left on a desk at work went missing. Often these incidents go unreported so as not to publicize the employer’s brand. But in this case the theft was reported and the police investigated. Video surveillance tapes from the office led them on the right trail. The police recovered the wallet hidden under the seat of the scooter of a newly-hired employee. Then other skeletons came out of the closet. Another employee in the open-plan office recalled the disappearance of a leather bag.

Confronted by the judge in court, the defendant denied having financial problems and did express some remorse for the thefts. Her defense lawyer argued successfully for a fine instead of jail, even though, on a review it was found she had a prior conviction for theft in France and a citation for drunken behaviour in Monaco. The court decided it was important that she have a chance to be employed, even though a new job elsewhere would be where she would be undoubtedly headed. There was too much breach of trust with her colleagues for her to stay on in her existing job. The finelevied was stiff at 1000 euros plus restitution of 150 euros stolen from the wallet.

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