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Imprisoned Spider-Man Burglar Assaults Prison Guards and Stacks of Forged Notes

Stacks of Forged Notes Headed for Spending on Luxuries in Monaco

A trick by counterfeiters targeting Monaco and other cities… put a genuine high value banknote, for example, 500 euros on top of a stack of counterfeit notes. So in a stack of 10.000 euros you have only 500 euros that is real.

A criminal brought a bag in a car to the Principality with up to 200 to 250 thousand euros, mostly counterfeit. The police intercepted the bag.

Despite denials by the criminal there is detailed camera surveillance of his movements in Monaco to luxury outlets for the alleged purpose of spending the counterfeit money.

The Court was convinced especially as there was a trace of criminal purchases from some of the numbers on the notes … and photo evidence of luxury watches acquired. The criminal’s file shows multiple offenses, including forgery, throughout Europe … a consistent pattern of criminality.

The Court sentenced him, a European National, to one year in jail.

Imprisoned Spider-Man Burglar Assaults Prison Guards

Not just in films, in real life an expert climber perfected robbing safes in high buildings in the Principality by climbing towards his targets’ apartments to burgle them.

Already serving over 3 years in jail for these burglaries he compounds his offense by violent behaviour in jail. Spitting on and attacking guards multiple times the violent behaviour continued.

He is uncooperative, refusing normal search protocols and claiming having been beaten, but with no evidence of marks or injury.

He pretends not to understand English but forgets his ruse and suddenly spontaneously speaks English while elaborating on ever more hardly-believable tales to the judge.

Convinced of his guilt the Court extends his prison sentence by three months.

A Thief Makes a Run For it But the Police Zone in on his Hiding Place

He didn’t make it all the way up to the Rock to hide out – where the police would have quickly intercepted him. Instead, after an attempted robbery of a pedestrian near the port by the Condamine, the man fled from the police in active pursuit, with sirens blazing. He figured he could lose them in the hilly brush on the way up to the Rock.

First a search for him in the parking around the Condamine and then getting closer to the fugitive they used their torches to illuminate the brush up on the reaches around the ramp that climbs toward the Palace Square. The suspected robber could not evade the meticulous Police search and he was apprehended in his hiding place in the vegetation.

At least there was no violent scuffle with the Police or dangerous encounter with anyone else in the vicinity … except, of course, the original attempted theft from the pedestrian before he fled.

Credit the fast action by the Principality’s Police.

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