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Intimate Photos, a Mound of Hashish and Thieving Electric Bikes

Too Much Emotion, Too Much Revenge

Not the first time that an enraged rejected companion has sought revenge. In this particular case the rejected lady, a 50ish Scandinavian, had got herself into legal hot water by allegedly: publishing intimate photos of her “X” (the plaintiff) with his new girlfriend on social networks, trying to sell his two apartments (one valued at over 650.000 euros) without his permission for steeply discounted prices (it appeared she had unauthorized access to his notarial documents), selling possessions of his new girlfriend without permission, hacking into her “X”s phone. Emotions soared in the Courthouse as the enraged defendant denied all responsibility in the face of strong evidence in front of the Judge. So aggressive was the vengeful defendant, instead of showing remorse, that the Prosecution asked for steep fines and a suspended prison sentence. Emotions and vengeance brought consequences amounting to a 10.000 euro fine and in addition civil awards to the “X” companion and his new girlfriend of over 5.000 euros.

Law and Order
Photo by Garrett Morrow from Pexels

Electric Bicycles – A New Target for Thieves? 

It is before dawn and a man is carrying an electric bicycle in Monaco streets toward the station – Why not ride it? Then in the station the controller announces caution against blocking the platform with the bike. The Police quickly put “two and two” together and realize that the same person who was curiously carrying a bike before dawn is now trying to put it on a train to Nice. 

Panicking the thief in his late 20s leaves the bike on the platform and runs for it – but is caught. His goal probably was to disable the anti-theft device on the bike in Nice. The Court leafs through a thick file citing past theft, drugs, violence, confidence tricks etc and sentences the young man to three months in prison. 

Law and Order
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel from Pexels

Driving Around Monaco with over 125 grams of Hash

With over 125 grams of hash in their car – two young tourists are caught red-handed driving around Monaco. To compound matters they are driving under the influence of drugs. 

They were not aggressive and were cooperative and expressed themselves surprised they had accidentally crossed into Monaco. The problem in reality was not where they were but the amount of hash in their possession. Was it credible that the driver could afford to smoke 10 grams a day of hash and spend 500 euros a week on his personal drug habit? Or was the hash targeted for other users and in fact they had bought a significant quantity to deal. The driver’s file showed a litany of prior offenses including drugs and violence which meant he was likely looking at a jail sentence. The Prosecution requested one month of prison. For the passenger he recommended a suspended prison sentence and a short time in jail. The Court took into account that the two young men, students from the South West of France, had cooperated at all times with the Police and sentenced the driver to 15 days in prison and gave the passenger a 6 month suspended prison sentence. 

Law and Order
Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels
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