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Ladies Spitting, a Kick in the Private Parts, and a Pensioner Savaged

Denied a 20.000 euro Christmas Present She Aims a Kick in his Private Parts

A Christmas present – a 3000 euro coat in Christmas wrapping lies under the Christmas tree. The two Russians approach each other. The lady aims a kick at the man in his private parts; she is angry it is not a 20.000 euro coat. Now he is angry and lashes out. Before the Court is evidence of bruises to her lips and eyelid. The Concierge heard the commotion and called the police. The man has the woman pinned to a bed with a cushion over her head. There is evidence of hair being pulled. The couple will eventually make up, but the incident is still before the Court. In cases like this, the couple’s statements are at odds with one another. Both blame the other for instigating the violence. There is evidence before it of a man striking a woman even if she played some role in provoking the attack. No matter that they are now reconciled and that he likely was kicked in his private parts he receives a 10 month suspended jail sentence and a 10.000 euro fine.

Law and Order
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It’s a Dog’s Day for a Savaged Pensioner

A pensioner unaware of what was about to unfold walked toward the elevator in his residential tower with his Rottweiler. A young man in his early thirties, already in the lift, first barred him access. Then the unpleasant confrontation took a nasty violent turn. Punched and kicked almost too many times to count even with the security cameras as proof, the pensioner ended up in hospital. Luckily the dog stayed calm. The young man foolishly even got aggressive and hostile with the two policemen who arrived to calm things down – hurling abuse at them. A depressive under psychiatric treatment and flushed with alcohol, it took the wisdom of Solomon for the Court to devise an appropriate penalty. Two months of prison with an additional 4-10 month, suspended sentence would be considered plus a requirement to be under psychiatric observation for two years. To keep the young man employed the two months prison time could be converted to 8 week-ends in lock-up. Loss of of control is expensive. The police were awarded 1.300 euros in combined fines to redress the insults.

Law and Order
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The Lady Spits and Kicks and Pays the Price

She was lucky, the fine could have been as high as 15.000 euros. And the fine wasn’t for getting drunk and virtually passing out at her table in a bar. It was for what happened next. The barman, concerned that this fifty year old lady was ill, called firemen to help her. When the two firemen approached her with a policeman, she became violent, kicking and screaming and spitting at them. It was so bad she had to be secured onto a stretcher and taken to hospital. In the age of Covid, spitting at rescuers is a serious offense. And the Court was not amused at what was close to an accusation by her that she was in danger of being violated by the rescuers. She also claimed that she felt she was reliving a trauma of an attack in her youth at the moment when the three masked rescuers appeared. No leniency! The fine was 5000 euros plus 500 euros civilian damages each for the rescuers.

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