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Madness, Lost Inheritances and All-Time Record Drunkenness

Tricked out of a Golden inheritance

The victim was scammed out of his inheritance of gold bars that he was trying to exchange for cash in order to divide it among his family. A banker friend introduced him to a broker in Monaco who found a buyer at an exceptional above-market price of almost 70.000 euros. The exchange was organized in Tuscany, Italy. As part of the deal the buyer wanted to test the authenticity and weight of the gold giving in exchange as security the full purchase price in a briefcase. The seller had the cash validated and most of the notes turned out to be counterfeit by which time the gold had vanished, never to be recovered. The broker agreed to accept responsibility and pay for the loss in installments of which the first three checks of 7.000 each bounced “NSF” (not sufficient funds). In Court was the case against the broker who received a sentence of two months in prison for writing the checks knowing that they would bounce. He had also to compensate the victim with 21.000 for those bounced checks.

Millions Squandered on Cocaine

A limo from Switzerland arrived in Monaco carrying a multimillionaire who had squandered his inheritance of millions and was addicted to cocaine. He was picked up by the police in Monaco looking like a tramp after trashing hotel rooms in Monaco and Cap d’Ail – leaving excrement in his trail. The addict was in possession of over 50 grams of cocaine and over 10.000 in cash which he ought to have declared. A bizarre and sad case of addiction, the man still only in his thirties wasting his life – madness! The Court saw a past jail record of violence against women in Spain and sports doping in Italy. Excrement too was found in the limousine. Inheritance squandered, addiction to white powder and now facing a recommendation by the prosecutor in Monaco for a month in prison for possession of drugs and not declaring cash over 10.000 euros.

All-time Monaco Record for a Breathalizer Test. Drunk beyond recognition!

Registering at over 3.3 grammes the breathalyzer test was a record in the Principality! No wonder the banker from out of town had crashed into a wall not far from Place d’Armes. Physical damage amounted to 30.000 euros. Beer, vodka, Cointreau and a strew of other drinks had led to a state of drunkenness where one would have completely lost control of one’s senses. After the crash the police had to search for the man who had fled his vehicle and hidden behind other cars. The Court issued fines amounting to over 4.000 euros and sentenced the man to a suspended jail term of four months. He was also suspended from driving in Monaco for 6 months.

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