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Monegasques sub-letting, Political Retribution and Christmas Violence

A Monegasque Subletting Against The Rules Lands in Criminal Court

It’s a first. Not the first time a Monegasque has sublet their apartment in Monaco against the rules – but the first time the infraction has ended up in the Criminal courts. The Principality rents apartments to its citizens under very privileged conditions which means rents significantly below the rents in the private sector. For example, a Monegasque young lady rented her apartment from the Principality for below 700 euros per month that in the private market might rent for well over 2500 euros (as a rough guesstimate). But she got herself into financial difficulty and decided to make some money quickly by sub-letting during the Grand Prix. Advertising on AirB&B netted her 1.400 euros for two nights and a 1000 euro security deposit.

It’s blatantly against the rules but she might have got away with it, unobserved. Except one of her renters (a couple) had a medical emergency in the evening – and an ambulance had to be called to the apartment to take the sick holiday-maker to hospital. Spotlight on the “illegal” renting which was pursued as a criminal offense.

Law and Order

The judge established on questioning that the young Monegasque knew she was breaking the rules. He also established by questioning the apartment Administrator for the Principality that there were other similar breaches of the “no sub-letting” rule by Monegasques.

This was the first time it was in Court though. The Prosecution sought a four month suspended prison sentence as a strong signal to those who illegally sub-let.

Of course, the real punishment was when the young Monegasque was ejected from her fine apartment. She will have to reapply to the Principality to be re-housed and probably in far less luxurious premises at a rent she can afford. The request by the Prosecutor for a suspended prison sentence is under review.

African Politics Play-Out in Monaco’s Courts

High level political changes in an African country were underway as a President was replaced. Which meant his relative (an ex-Minister) and entourage were vulnerable to political retribution. And consequently some of them were sentenced to lengthy prison sentences in Africa for enriching themselves by corruption. So far so good in Monaco at a distance.

Law and Order

Except the African country tried to confiscate millions in Monaco banks held by their political opponents. And they requested fines well above a hundred million euros in addition. The case was mainly about the huge fines.  All this is played-out on appeal in a Monaco Court. Justice systems in Paris and the African country were all involved and tuning in. International law is involved and complicates the process.

But for Monaco, it’s clear. Don’t pursue extraneous politics in Monaco courts. The appeal for the huge fine is rejected. That is the big question that is resolved. So the request, which is politically motivated, for well in excess of a hundred million euros of fines is thrown out.

Legal technicalities could lead to a second appeal, but the chances are slim.

Drunk and Violently Slapping a young Child in Public

It could have been a happy Christmas outing for a mother from Ventimiglia and her young children. In Monaco to see the Christmas trees and decorations, they toured the pretty streets. But the mother was on a diet of a litre of wine a day and already under the spotlight by social services in Ventimiglia. So when her 8 year old did something to annoy her she lost control. Her pram slammed into restaurant tables and chairs while she aimed a violent slap at her child – well landed. Within a minute the police were on the scene. Hand-cuffed in Court, originally from Kazakhstan, she was questioned about the bruise marks on all her children. An often absent father, she dependent on alcohol, her children were evidently victims of her anger.

Law and Order

The Court could not overlook the extent of the violence to the eight year old on Monaco’s streets that had been witnessed. And Monaco’s social services had been called in to alert the social services in Ventimiglia out of concern for all the children. It was a sad Christmas for everyone involved, especially the children. The mother was sentenced to eight days in prison, which would mean being locked-up over the festive season

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