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Prostitution, Pimps, Drugs and Embezzlement Make a Full Docket for the Courts

Prostituting Herself Desperate for Love from her Pimp

Desperate for love, desperate also eventually for money to support her mother, a 25 year old young lady from Spain is mired in trouble in Monaco after a love affair in Dubai. In Dubai, a man seduced her and became her lover and pimp. The young lady continued to prostitute herself and was eventually lured to Monaco to meet him in the hope of deepening their love affair. He was a “no show” and she resorted to hallucinogenic drugs – a derivative of ecstasy called nexus – to lessen the pain of rejection. Her mistake was to consume the drugs in a bar in Monaco and attract the attention of the Police. During a check, the police noticed that she had three pouches of the same substance in her bag and an equal amount in her room. Suspected of drug use, she confessed during her police custody the purchase of 30 grams of drugs for a thousand euros in Spain. Sad, fragile, rejected the Court recognized her predicament but has a no tolerance policy for drug use in Monaco. The Prosecution recommended a 1000 euro fine, emphasizing the case was about drug use not prostitution. 

Waiters Embezzle a Restaurants Receipts and Cry Foul Accusing their Patron 

Two waiters at a restaurant, prior to the pandemic, both with good salaries and tips were judged to have supplemented their income further by more than 2000 euros a month by diverting the takings. Their ruse was to remove the evidence for bills that they had already charged to customers. They hid the bills later in the evening. The customers paid by credit card and the two men would siphon off an equal amount of cash from the till. The owner of the popular restaurant noticed his receipts dive but had difficulty pinning down the cause. Eventually a very detailed investigation aided by the police pointed to the fraud, which had been going on for two years. They discovered the missing cash being deposited in the culprits’ bank accounts. Even the customers were contacted to verify the transactions. The defense put up quite a fight accusing the owner of diverting the cash himself to evade tax even of a plot to fire the two employees and replace them with cheaper workers. But the evidence from the detailed investigation convinced the court. The two waiters were given suspended sentences of eight and four months in prison, plus placed under probation for three years, and mandated to reimburse their boss and a joint payment of 30,000 euros. 

Making Death Threats to Police Leads Straight to Jail 

A young man in his 20s was a habitual offender under the influence of drugs and alcohol. There were innumerable incidents of extreme behaviour in the past and a thick file of offences linked to his addictions. He was testing the limit of the Court’s patience with his latest misdemeanor which was to lose control after a session with vodka and drugs on the beach. After creating a public scene with his partner to which the police had to intervene he made death threats to the police officers involved. Even so the Court deferred any sentencing and exercised leniency giving him a chance over several months to remedy his addictions and go into therapy. He did not take advantage of this last attempt to help him by the Court. Given the seriousness of the incident – making death threats to the police – he was sentenced to two months firm in prison. 

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