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Raining Cats & Dogs in Court with Driving Under the Influence

Doberman versus Chihuahua, No Contest, while their owners fight like cats and dogs

One lady, not yet 50 years of age, with 2 Dobermans crosses the path of another lady, a Monegasque retiree with two tiny dogs. It isn’t the first time they crossed paths and they are hardly civil to one another. Their encounter before the court involved insults, the younger lady punching and slapping the retiree who required hospital treatment.

As often happens in cases where there is conflict each accused the other of the greater provocation or retaliation. But there was enough security camera footage to weigh the scales of justice toward the retiree who was awarded 800 euros compensation and the aggressor fined 1000 euros. The court held the retired lady partially liable for the conflict limiting her fine to 200 euros and awarding token damages to the aggressor of one euro. The moral of this story is don’t be beastly to each other on the street!

Driving under the Influence of Vodka and Beer a Student Risks Jail

A student had had plenty to drink into the early hours of the morning at a night club at the Port. He confessed to the Court a beer and several glasses of vodka… certainly enough to take him over the legal limit of alcohol. Unaware of the danger of driving under the influence he said he felt good and was thinking clearly. The reality was the opposite as at about 4am he both lost control of his car and went the wrong way down a one-way street near the tunnel, hit a pavement and dented the bodywork of his car. The police were quick to the scene. His comments to the judge that he felt he was fit to drive held no traction.

The prosecution recommended a 15 day suspended prison sentence.

In the end the student who was living with his parents was lucky to get off with a 1000 euro suspended fine plus a small additional fine for a traffic infraction of 45 euros.

A Drunken Trip on a Scooter Ends Up Costing Dear in Court

Yet another drunken foray on the roads in the Principality, this time a retiree on two wheels. And with the alcohol taking over from clear thinking, the scooter driver was determined to go the wrong way down a one-way corridor near the Rocher Tunnel not yielding in order to give priority to oncoming traffic… which led the Police to quickly intervene.

In Court, the driver of the scooter claimed that reorganization of the traffic flows due to Grand Prix events was the reason for the confusion. But the Court chose his drunken state as the cause of all the problems, as the roads were well sign-posted. The result a 1000 euro fine – a lesson that it is expensive to drive under the influence – and a small 45 euro fine for the traffic infraction.

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