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Sexual Favours, Theft, Threats and Physical Abuse – The Court Deals With Serious Distress

Underpaid for Sexual Favours She Breaks the Law in Revenge

It is not a smart idea to be inebriated in front of one of the finest of the Principality’s hotels at 4am. And especially if you are on a list of people the Police are searching for following a serious complaint. Bringing attention to herself in front of the hotel a young lady was guaranteed to be confronted by the Police. Checking her they discovered she was on their “flight” list and, in addition, she was in possession of cannabis resin. The result is she finds herself in Court on two counts, possession of drugs and responding to a complaint of theft. The “theft” was in her eyes recompense for sexual favours for which she had been allegedly promised 1000 euros but had been paid only 300 euros. So, dissatisfied, she helped herself to two 500 euro notes when her client was not looking.  He filed a complaint with the police.The Court was less interested in the lady’s justification for her actions of a difficult life and more focussed on her breach of the law.

Law and Order

The Prosecution sought a fine of double the amount of the theft, namely 2000 euros.

The alternative would have been a 15 day suspended prison sentence.

The Court fined the young lady 1000 euros.

Harassing a Neighbour who Annoys You Will Land You in Court

There is a saying: “You can divorce your spouse but you can’t divorce your neighbour!”

And two neighbours in an apartment block in Monaco, one situated above the other, would certainly have liked to divorce if they could.  One worked nights and tried to sleep during the day but was driven crazy by the lady above pacing up and down in her “heels”. And every gust of wind caused the handle on her awning on the balcony above to creak loudly. Add annoyance to being disturbed; he alleged that she continually tossed rubbish and leaves from her balcony onto his, occasionally made worse by the wind. He could have tried to resolve matters diplomatically or even with a civilized confrontation. What he did instead landed him in court charged with harassment. He taped her doorbell, sent her offensive, one might say vulgar messages in her mailbox and threw rubbish on her landing. His “campaign” lasted close to a year. The Court was less than impressed with his approach to solving a neighbourly dispute. Why not a telephone call, a polite note or even a registered letter? The victim of harassment sought redress of a 1000 euro symbolic fine. The Court came close with 800 euros, though suspended. There was however an additional civil award of 500 euros.

Law and Order

Threats, humiliation, physical abuse at home – a Couple Land in Court 

A toxic situation existed between a Monegasque couple – so toxic that the Court acted decisively.

The lady was evidenced to be in a state of panic and anxiety to the point of impacting her health and putting her in a frequent state of fear. Threats, humiliation, physical abuse – a life degraded to an insupportable extent with prolonged suffering due to the behaviour of her partner during repeated conflicts. The Court decided that the behaviour clearly crossed the line of legal harassment. The question then was the amount of penalty which was set at a hefty 5000 euros.

Law and Order

That was not all, as there was a civil claim in addition. The plaintiff’s lawyer argued for as much as 15.000 euros, given the extreme nature of the harassment. The Court awarded less but still a substantial sum of 4000 euros. A rare case, rare enough to be a unique one involving a Monegasque couple.

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