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Surveillance Cameras and Police Catapult Thieves in Monaco Straight to Jail

Professional Burglars foiled by Monaco Police 

In through a Monaco building window, two robbers in their twenties a Serbian man and a Croatian woman made off with over 50.000 euros of valuables including a luxury watch, pen and jewellery. Typically young robbers are deployed by experienced gang chieftains. But it is rare in Monaco that video-surveillance will not capture a robbery on camera – which meant these robbers later would be recognized by the police when they were tempted to rob a second time in Monaco. And the police did apprehend them on the street and immediately noticed their papers showing them to be Czech and Romanian were false. Attempts to fingerprint them failed as they created a diversionary uproar to avoid being identified. No matter as they were caught in possession of an incriminating screwdriver, a rigid plastic card, gloves and scissors. While they never admitted to the first burglary they eventually confessed to their latest plan to rob bikes and scooters from cellars in an apartment building. Five months cooling their heels in jail, they managed to obtain a release before their court-case which resulted to a sentence of one year in jail, in absentia. An arrest warrant was issued to capture them. 

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

Winning Big at the Casino, Monaco Police Prevent instant loss to a Robber 

A tourist in the Principality had had a most memorable time in the casino emerging with winnings of almost 15.000 euros. Time to relax on a bench, smoke a cigarette and enjoy the feeling of being a winner. Except he was too relaxed and a little careless and a drunken youth from France quickly rifled his bag and made off with his winnings. Camera surveillance is everywhere in the Principality and the youth was quickly apprehended – to the good fortune again of the tourist. After spending several nights in jail the thief came before the judge. Disturbingly he had a gun on him and cartridges too. His come-uppance a four month suspended prison sentence and he was forbidden to enter the Principality in future. 

Photo by Javon Swaby from Pexels

Amateur Thieves Caught Red-Handed

There are simple crimes of opportunity, too. Amateurs with no guns but a lack of honesty. And the opportunity came about in an upscale patisserie in Monaco. Entering as customers, a student from Spain and a French waiter sought out the washrooms and then saw their opportunity. A private room, a wallet on the table with hundreds of euros in it and several bank cards. Pocketing the money they made their exit and headed for ATMs to add to their cash pile using the stolen bank cards. But lacking the codes all they managed to do was alert the banking system that they were attempting to get cash without the right codes. There are security cameras both inside premises as well as throughout the streets of the Principality. The Banks also alerted the Police who rapidly apprehended the two amateur thieves. No prior criminal records but sadly this would be the start of one – given that their cock and bull stories in their defence made a poor impression on the judge. Each of them earned a suspended 6 week jail sentence and they had to refund the stolen money.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels
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