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The Courts Act After Both Women and Men Are Violently Assaulted

Chef Viciously Assaulted and Wounded with a Cork Screw

A brawl in an Italian restaurant in Monaco turned very nasty when two brothers turned on the Chef after the start of a minor dispute.

In any event, whatever was the small disagreement ended up with the Chef being beaten up badly. The result was his face covered in bruises. Worse, one of the brothers turned a corkscrew with a blade into a weapon and assaulted the Chef in the back causing a large wound that would also need hospital treatment.

10 days incapacitated and almost as many stitches in his wound was the result of the assault.

There were enough witnesses in the restaurant to convince the Judge to be suspicious of the defense’s version that it was just a case of minor bickering provoked by the insulting attitude of the Chef.

Finally, the decision was a month’s suspended sentence for the younger brother and a firm month in prison for the elder brother who was the main assailant.

In a Rage a Man Violently Throws Out his Lady-Partner

Small arguments have the potential for turning nasty if one of the parties is pre-disposed to fly off the handle. And that may well have been the case when two fifty-year-olds were in a discussion about the date of baptism of their child. The man took offense at his lady-partner’s choice of date.

He saw red and grabbed her arm roughly, it was alleged, and threw her out of the apartment. Whether he also hit or kicked her was disputed. What the Judge appears to have decided is that a violent act occurred with the woman needing medical treatment for bruises on her arm. The damage was serious enough to warrant 10 days certified as unfit for regular duties or work.

The woman could have sued for personal damages but indicated she would be satisfied with a token civil judgement for one euro, which was the ultimate decision of the Court. In addition, the Court fined the man 1000 euros for his violent behaviour.

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