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The Courts Deal with Senseless Fraud & Squatting on a Luxury Yacht

Committing Fraud Triggered by Fear and Panic out of proportion to the Problem 

A very unusual and sad case where a caring adult was stressed by the financial obligation to pay a subscription for video-surveillance as part of the care assistance for parents’ home care. 

Seemingly not able to steer through the maze of approvals or even discover if there was an option to cancel the video-surveillance care contract, the carer took an extreme measure to cease paying. 

There are care facilities – EhPads – for elderly dependent people. Access to them requires approvals. The carer was an employee of a hospital and knew the administrative process to secure an approval. 

With proof that the parents were eligible to enter an EhPad, then it was possible to officially terminate the home-care video-surveillance contract without prejudice. 

So the carer, a long-term employee of the hospital managed to secure the correct documents and forge the proof of eligibility for entry into an EhPad care home for the elderly. 

The fraud was uncovered when the home-care video-surveillance company noticing an inconsistency in the paperwork checked with the hospital. 

Fraud is a serious offense even in the face of a rather sad and seemingly irrational act to save on a subscription of approximately 30€ a month.  So in court, a range of penalties were sought including large fines and even jail. 

The prosecution put emphasis on their recommendation for a suspended sentence of 15 days with a de minimus civil award of 1 euro and 1000€ charge for court costs. 

A good hospital employee had been pushed by fear and stress into committing a sense-less fraudulent act to avoid a moderate monthly subscription to a care service. Sad! 

Homeless man Illegally Sleeps on a Luxury Yacht while Helping Himself to Wine 

A homeless man from Italy had a friend in the Principality and then found himself with no money or place to stay. 

So he took advantage of a moored 3 cabin yacht without security and slept in one of the cabins. He also managed to cook himself some pasta and drink some wine he found on the yacht. 

One of the owners of the yacht stumbled upon him and immediately notified the police without confronting him. The Police were quick to act, arrested him and brought him handcuffed to face the Court. 

It turned out that he was banned from France for ten years with a history of offenses including unauthorized entry into homes, theft and violent threats. 

He was continuing to repeat in Monaco his illicit life from the past. There was concern also that he may resort to illegal possession or even distribution of drugs.

In the light that he was repeating a pattern of similar offenses the Court sentenced him to one month in prison.

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