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The Wheels of Justice Turn for Offences Committed in Monaco

Young lady on a Night Out in Monaco Hit in the Face by a Drunk Youth

The tribunal takes very seriously cases of aggression against women and in this case decided to react with the utmost severity. Five thirty in the morning, and after partying at a night club at the port in Monaco, a 20-year-old Monegasque youth, completely drunk, his behaviour out of control, became violent. He started insulting and harassing a young female whose girlfriend came to her assistance. Instead of calming down, the youth hit the friend hard in the face, twice – all clearly caught on the surveillance cameras. The result a badly contused nose and two days in intensive care. It did not help the culprit that he did not turn up in court. Worse, he had shown no remorse to the police when arrested and questioned. Finally, it was discovered by the court he had a record of theft and drug use as a minor. In the interests of protecting women, the court came down hard on him with a jail sentence and stiff fine. Not to mention the disgrace of having onlookers witnessing such a frightful scene.

Against a claim for damages of 10.000 euros for loss of work and, of course, the injury, the court awarded 5000 euros. The jail sentence – 8 days.

Playing Blackjack, Poker and Roulette with Counterfeit Money in the Casino


Four Bulgarians pushed their luck too far in the Casinos in 2016. They were caught on camera in Monte Carlo pulling false 500 euro notes from their back pockets and adding them to genuine 500 euro notes from their side pockets. At least 23 false notes were used to bet in Casinos. They had pulled the same trick with 42 notes in San Remo and 13 in Berlin. The prosecution poured scorn on the defence’s claim that the false notes were those given to them as winnings by the Casinos – and to the claim they were unaware that they were false.

They paid dearly for their crime, with jail terms, only the youngest of the four being let go. The two already in custody and the third absent (with an arrest warrant issue) were condemned to two, three and four years in prison.

Psychiatrist Accused of Numerous Cases of Fraudulent Billing 

Fraudulent Billing

A fascinating duel of defence and prosecuting attorneys took place on the appeal of a prior decision to take no action against the psychiatrist before the court. The volume of claimed false billings was indeed astonishing – in the thousands between 2005 and 2008. The defence was adamant that the psychiatrist was capable of doing the number of consultations he claimed, even though there were billings for more than 60 procedures in some days and – on one day 146 procedures! The defence claimed he worked from 6.30 am to 10.30 pm at least 6 days a week and sometimes worked seven days a week. The Social Security Fund of Monaco and the Sickness Insurance Fund of Monaco for the Self Employed had investigated around 60 cases and had listings with attempted reconstruction of typical workdays showing fictitious billings and billings for unnecessary care. They brought witnesses and had signed statements from others attesting to not having received the billed services – or having been induced to signing blanks provided by the psychiatrist which were later padded with fictitious services. The judgement is expected in April – either this is a case of egregious fraud in the amount of 750.000 euros of excess billings – or is it a case perhaps of a practitioner with an abnormal pattern of activity but still within the limits of legality – and therefore wrongly pursued.

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