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Theft of Luxury Goods in Monaco Has a Price

A 19 year old young man, perpetually unemployed and living at home had a penchant for luxury, including beautiful and costly shoes and clothes. He enjoyed acquiring these expensive items and then showing them off to his friends. This led him to steal and a natural target for his appetite for the finest of luxury items was the Louis Vuitton store in Monte-Carlo near Casino Square. He made a first successful attempt at stealing there on September 15th last, when he managed to distract the sales lady into searching for clothes for him to try on and while she was not looking he stole a bracelet, a tee-shirt and a fancy business-card holder. In order to exit without triggering the alarm he ripped off the electronic tags and made his escape. Using the same modus operandi, he made off with 892 euros of clothes and leather goods. This time his technique backfired and the alarm sounded; the manager of the store pursued him and the police intercepted him.

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And now the wheels of justice turn in the court in Monaco where he was also charged with theft of a helmet in the prior July. A feeble defence that a gang was putting pressure on him to steal for them did not impress. The prosecution asked for a three-month suspended prison sentence which was exactly the sentence handed down by the court.

Alcohol, Cocaine Use, a Wild Party, and an Assault Lead to a Jail Sentence

A resident of Boulevard d’Italie had a sleepless night with a party going full swing in the apartment next door. Finally, past 5 am the party would down and the revellers poured into the street. The complainant could not stop himself going down in the street and telling one of the partygoers, who was about to get in his car, of his sleepless night. The offender grabbed him by the throat and choked him and raced off in his car. The victim then called the police and followed the man in his own car to a parking place. The culprit assaulted him a second time, this time twisting his wrist in an attempt to grab his phone. Fortunately the police arrived just in time and caught the culprit throwing away what turned out to be a container with cocaine in it.


And the wheels of justice turn again with the offender, a Swedish tour guide and bachelor, being questioned by the police under supervision. Noticeably absent at his court hearing the facts, including a breathalyser test, showed an excess of alcohol in addition to the admitted consumption of cocaine – a cocktail that contributed to his aggressive behaviour. No-show at court and apparently a lack of remorse. No surprise at the suspended sentence of 2 months jail, plus a fine of 1000 euros and an additional traffic fine of 600 euros.

Amateurish Theft of a Wallet on the Casino Tables

A 25-year-old bachelor, an Italian from Roquebrune Cap Martin, October 20th last, went to a casino. While betting, he seized the opportunity to steal a wallet on the green felt of the tables. Not a professional thief, he still managed to get away with the wallet but left a clear trace of his amateurish theft for the security cameras. When the victim alerted security as to the loss of the wallet, they found the evidence on camera – but did not recognise the man. Some clues left by the amateur thief led to his undoing. He took the cash out of the wallet and then threw it in a garden – all evidence later as the gardener found it and there was additional camera evidence then to identify him.

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His defence – a sack-load of problems in his life, prompted by alcohol to act against his better judgement, no prior record and an expression of remorse. The victim who did not show up in court had claimed a loss of 3000 euros cash plus 700 pounds sterling. The culprit admitted to taking the 700 pounds sterling but claimed the euro amount was fiction. The prosecutor requested a short suspended jail sentence of eight days plus a fine of 500 to 700 euros. The final sentence was a fine of 1000 euros.

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