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Vulgar Harassment of a Lady and a Rare Assault on a Minor Met With Stern Justice

Vulgar Salacious Harassent Rewarded With Threat of Jail 

A Romanian in his thirties, evidently drunk, jumped on the back of a lady striding toward Beausoleil to reach her apartment. In so doing he rubbed the lower part of his body against her, miming a sexual act. He then aggravated a frightening situation for her, pulling her hair. Fortunately, she escaped his attention and was able to report the incident to the police. Months later when next he was detected drunk and behaving bizzarly in the centre of Monaco by the Principality’s police they figured out it was the same offender. In Court the Romanian claimed to be under the influence of drink. Evidence showed he did work for a living so he was making some effort to integrate into society. Other information about his criminal past showed repeated offenses for theft in Romania and a behaviour pattern of making frightening gestures. The Magistrate had to decide if the Prosecution’s recommendation for a five-month suspended jail sentence and a 75 euro fine should stand. The Court decided in the end on a three-month suspended sentence plus the 75 euro fine.

Law and Order

A Very Expensive “One More Beer For The Road” – Best Not to Drink and Drive

An Italian Chef in Monaco had one more beer for the road and then mounted his scooter. Too quickly he encountered a pedestrian crossing in front of him and hit the victim; he and his scooter went flying also. Fourteen days of care involving bruised ribs and associated complications for the injured pedestrian resulted in a civil Court case for compensation . And the Police tested the Chef and discovered he was over the legal limit of alcohol. So he was before the Court for the serious offense of causing injury while driving under the influence. There were mitigating factors. The pedestrian was crossing where there had been an old crossing whose marking had been erased. There was construction in the area partially obscuring visibility, according to the Chef. Nevertheless, the Chef was contrite and admitted being in the wrong. And the Court had to deal with the serious matter of injuring a victim under the influence. A 1000 euro fine was contemplated plus the victim’s lawyer requested a 5000 euro provision, in advance of the assessment for compensation for injury. The Court settled on a 800 euro fine plus a 1.500 euro provision to be set aside for the injury claim.

Law and Order

Mental Illness Spurs Rare Criminal Behaviour and Trauma For a Minor

This is a very rare and unusual case of an attack on an underage youth in Monaco who was not far from a bus-stop where a dangerous man lurked. The youth was approached by this man from the North Caucasus bordered by Russia and Eastern Europe. He asked for a light to which the boy refused. The victim was then dragged by the neck along the sea-front of Monaco and slapped, punched, kicked, disheveled and humiliated for close to 90 minutes. At the same time he was stripped of his telephone, watch and other belongings. A traumatic experience for anyone.

Law and Order

No surprise that mental illness played a role in this rare event. His history included bipolar illness, multiple suicide attempts – and there was a suggestion of possible lack of supervision by health services outside Lack of taking his medicaments probably created extra danger. And the culprit admitted to becoming violent when he drank, which he had done that evening. He had a history of convictions for aggression, theft and drug offenses. Sad that the minor had had this traumatic experience that left him scared to wander out in the evenings. The Prosecution asked for a two- year suspended sentence, a five year restraint order from approaching the boy again and 5.000 euros in compensation. The law allowed up to ten years in prison for this type of serious aggression against a minor.

The Court ruled for an 18 month suspended prison sentence and agreed the 5.000 euro fine.

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