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Whether Your Vice Is Chocolate or Alcohol: Breaking The Law in Monaco is Greeted With Jail

A Drunken Artful Dodger Loses His Smile Behind Bars

Partying hard all night, a 40 year old Monégasque drank enough to take himself least four times over the limit of alcohol. At the crack of dawn he then climbed in his car and headed off like a rocket down the “Voie Rapide” toward the Rainier III tunnel. Except he was so intoxicated he couldn’t make the turn into the tunnel, hit a pole, ricocheted off that, spun around and slammed into the rock face. Luckily unhurt he then got out of the car, tried to get back in and drive off but failed. At that point he scarpered before the police came. Not very smart because a Monégasque number plate is a give away; it’s very easy for the police to locate the owner.

Law and Order

One hour later the police arrived at his apartment only to be met by his son who offered himself up as the culprit. Not fooled the police interviewed the smiling artful 40 year old – and of course the breathalyzer nearly disappeared in fumes of alcohol. Dangerous driving, subterfuge and the final nail in the coffin a record for drunken driving twice before. Prison beckoned – the prosecution asked for two months and the Court leaned to one month prison for dangerous driving under the influence. Add two more weeks prison for the subterfuge and running from the police – and a fine of about 200 euros. Don’t drive drunk!

A Sweet Trail Straight To Jail with a Sickly Sentence

Law and Order

Surprise, surprise. It’s usually jewellery that attracts professional thieves to Monaco from Eastern Europe as far away as the Black Sea. These two 30 year olds must have been very hungry. And a sweet tooth to match. One hundred and twenty chocolate bars were not enough for theme. Enough calories for a severe case of elephantisis and and enough sugar for a hypoglycemia attack! The store owner was in shock; probably a first in the Principality and probably the last. In Court he just wanted the slightly more than 550 euros recompense for his chocolate. The Court had another idea when they saw that one of the men had a record of thieving in France. Three convictions which spurred the prosecution to ask for 8 to 12 months in prison. The Court decided on three months prison – where chocolate rations will be severely restricted!

It’s Risky Business Avoiding Royalties On Using the Name Monaco

Law and Order

Royalties have to be paid by sellers of products marked Monaco or Monte Carlo. Best to pay the 8% rather than find yourself in Court like a Parisian outfit, who were even selling the products through outlets in Monaco. In the end it turned out far more expensive for them to sell Monaco branded coins and key rings than if they had paid the royalties. The Court calculated the unpaid royalties as amounting to over 11.500 euros. Then add Monaco’s legal costs of 3.500 euros and a fine of 3000 euros plus the defendants‘ own legal costs and instead of 11.500 euros of royalties they ended up with a total loss of close to 20.000 euros. The moral of this story in that Monaco is on the ball and vigilant with respect to royalties. Best to pay royalties than a far more costly appointment with the Courts.

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