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Grimaldi Family Charlotte Casiraghi Children

  • Charlotte Casiraghi is Chanel’s new Ambassador for 2021 – Princess Grace of Monaco’s granddaughter has a long relationship with the French fashion house, with her mother Princess Caroline being a close friend of the late creative director, Karl Lagerfeld.
  • In December 2013, Charlotte gave birth to Raphaël as the fruit of love with Gad Elmaleh, stand-up comedian and actor. He is not included in the succession line to the Monegasque Throne since his parents did not get married. Raphaël is kept as far away as possible from the media – he was shown a couple of times in the occasion of Monaco’s National Day plus a few extra times in Pantelleria island (Sicily, Italy) and Paris. Charlotte herself doesn’t have any Social Media profile. 
  • On Grimaldi-Casiraghi Instagram profile there is a touching portrait of Charlotte who gently leans over his son in a stroller. 
  • After their split the fashionable mother has reportedly dated filmmaker Lamberto Sanfelice.
  • Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, has secured the future of her youngest son by marrying film producer Dimitri Rassam.
  • On the 23rd October 2018, Charlotte gave birth to a second child, a son named Balthazar Rassam. As Balthazar parents got married, he has now entered into the line of succession to the Grimaldi’s Throne (12th position).
  • In December 2013, a lovely photo depicting Dimitri Rassam and his son Balthazar goes around the world through Social Media appointing Charlotte’s family among the prettiest noble families. 


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