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The Casino, yes-yes, the very same Monte-Carlo Casino

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Make sure you visit this grand casino building with the recognizable green roof in the center of the Monte-Carlo district, which has become the most recognizable symbol of Monaco, though it is actually a second casino building in Monaco. The first casino has almost completely burnt down in fire, and only the gambling hall remained, that after the renovations was turned into a lobby, which every guest is sure to pass through. The architect to build the second Casino was Charles Garnier, who also constructed the Opera building in Paris. In 1878 Garnier built this marvelous palace, where the casino and the Salle of the Opera were located.

Until nowadays, the Monte-Carlo Casino remains an important source of the Principality’s profits, though it has become far from the most important one. That said, the Monaco citizens have been prohibited to gamble by law since the 19th century.

Amazing square in front of the Casino

The square in front of the Casino, and the Casino terraces are all very beautiful at any time of the day and all year round. It is unbelievable that an abandoned waste lot was in its place in the middle of the nineteenth century. The secret of success might be partly explained by the fact that a financier, Francois Blanc, called “a magician from Monte-Carlo” later on, was invited to develop the gambling business in Monaco. After a successful opening of the Casino in 1865, the Square in front of it was unalterably transformed within some three years, and the Hotel de Paris and the Café Divan (predecessor of the Café de Paris) were built. Since the affairs of the Casino went on great, the citizens of the Principality have been exempted from paying taxes.

The Casino offers its guests practically all types of gambling machines and board gambling games, albeit both the gamblers and those interested in mere watching can visit it.

Persons below 18 are not allowed here in the hours of operation of the casino. It is advisable to carry a passport or another document proving your identity on you.

The Casino
Place du Casino
Phone: + 377 98 06 21 21
Website : и
Entrance is limited. Persons below 18 are not allowed after 2 PM.
Tours – in the morning from 9 AM to 12:30 PM
Ticket price: 10 euro for adults; 7 euro for children ages 6-12.
Length of the tour: 30 minutes.
Gambling begins at 2 PM until …
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